Steven Universe

Rough drawings for Rose’s message to Steven in Lion 3! I collaborated with Joe Johnston on this scene.

Originally we had planned for Greg to be filming Rose. Joe and Jeff Liu pitched the idea of Rose filming Greg instead, because she was so fascinated by him, and so in love with him. It was such a beautiful thought, I’m still dizzy about it. 

so like, I suddenly though about an au in which Steven was a full gem and met Connie with who they had Rose (don’t ask how tho, I don’t even know) Stven had to give give his physical form so she could come to this world, and now she is a small kiddie who gotta learn to control her powers and keep safe the earth from anybody who wants to mess with it!

Even though it was probably unintentional, I see Steven Universe as sort of the “reconstruction” of Madoka Magica. Both of them have magical girls that are constituted from gems, and that they can become monsters when corrupted and broken. The only difference is that while Madoka had to break reality to save all the magical girls, Steven can heal broken gems with his powers and turn them back to normal. No god-state needed!

Submitted by Anon