awonderfulaverage said:

Is the ask box closed? If not imagine Bucky and Steve being pissed off by people saying Sam Wilson shouldn't be Captain America.

In an impassioned speech that goes viral within minutes of hitting YouTube, Steve declares his full support for Sam and reminds the world in no uncertain terms who it is they’re disrespecting. “Sam Wilson is a true hero of our time,” he says, staring straight into the camera with his chin held high. “His courage has saved countless lives, and his support and loyalty are the only reason I’m standing here today. I entrust the shield now to a man who, time and time again, has proven his unwavering commitment to defending the freedom and happiness of his fellow people.”

Bucky’s speech is a little different. “Yeah, I’ve got a comment for you,” he says, glaring down the line at the intrepid young reporter who is looking less and less intrepid by the second. “If you’ve got a problem with Sam, you better learn to shut your trap.” The rest of his interview is subsequently excluded from public broadcast, but whispers from the newsroom suggest that there was some colourful footage obtained.

Bucky and Steve constantly bicker over the fact that Bucky named their (obese) cat Cat. Steve wants the poor thing’s name changed, and he also wants it to go on a diet. Bucky will have none of it, and insists that ‘his baby’ sleep with them on their bed. Steve secretly finds it adorable, but hates all the cat hair on his stuff.