Sterling Lorence

Here’s a little GIF of this week’s Sequence Saturday from Pinkbike: Chris Kovarik getting slideways in gravel like only he can. Photos by Ian Hylands (who I hope was shooting from behind some safety glass).

Edit: Not playing properly? See it here:

*Jarrett Edit: I’m really happy Brian posted this because I always skip over the sequence for your Saturday posts but this was awesome.

We were totally freaking out - the sun was shining, the trail was fast and flowy, and we were in the most beautiful landscape any of us have ever seen. Every roll in the trail, every time we were treated to a different view we stopped to stare. Iceland is pretty damn cool. The climb was long but the temperature was perfect and the views kept everyone from noticing the grind. The trail down was even more ridiculous. It felt like we were the first riders ever to shred on the moon. Totally nuts.
—  Mr. Matt Hunter and his friends like to write ride their bicycles all over places. Two years ago they visited me to do that, with the friendly people at Ice Bike Adventures. His friend Sterling took many good pictures. Then Matt rode wrote about it on his blog, and Sterling got an award, and the nice people at Bike Magazine said it was the best bicycle ride of the whole year. And that is as it should be.

Freeride mountain bikers Matt Hunter and Darren Berrecloth are celebrating their 10-year anniversary as riders in the Specialized family. Although they’ve ridden all over the world, and are both from British Columbia, the guys rarely spend time shredding together. To celebrate their decade aboard Specialized bikes, Matt and Darren teamed up with photographer Sterling Lorence to capture more of the iconic imagery which propelled them to their legendary status.