#DressCodePM: Stephen Harper Mocked For Niqab Comments

Stephen Harper’s controversial remarks against the niqab are drawing fire on social media.

Twitter users have blasted the prime minister after he stated in the House of Commons Tuesday that the face-covering veil worn by some Muslims comes from a culture that is “anti-women.”

The federal government is appealing a court ruling that struck down a ban on the wearing of the niqab during citizenship ceremonies. Harper has said most Canadians find it “offensive” that someone would “hide their identity” while committing to join the Canadian family.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander also faced criticism last month after he suggested that hijabs — traditional Muslim headscarves that do not cover the face — should also be banned during citizenship ceremonies.

Liberals and New Democrats have been sharply critical of the government’s position and have accused Tories of stoking Islamophobia.

On Wednesday, using the hashtag #DressCodePM, Twitter users mocked Harper’s comments about how Canadians should dress.

In a blog post, Shireen Ahmed urged Canadians to tweet, writing “all women are part of, and will always be welcome in the ‘Canadian family’ in any outfit she chooses.”

anonymous asked:

Pardon my ignorance, but who is Stephen Harper? What did he do?

He’s the Prime Minister (the equivalent of the President of the USA) of Canada. He’s been in power 8 years now.

He’s one the worst politicians that Canada has ever produced.

He blindly supports everything israel does (which is why he’s been nominated for a noble peace prize by a pro-israel group). He even actively blocked a request to treat Palestinian kids who were injured or dying in Canadian hospitals (the Ontario government and Toronto Hospitals all agreed to help).

He made Canada leave the Kyoto protocol; the only country in the world to do so.

Also under Harper’s control, environmental regulations have been slashed and the entire government’s focus seems to be on promoting the oil sands in Alberta; AKA one of the most energy and water intensive methods of oil extraction plus it is poisoning the environment and water supplies locally.

He doesn’t care about aboriginal rights in this country. He’s declined to do anything concrete about the epidemic of aboriginal women who continue to go missing or murdered in this country.

He is anti-science and muzzles government scientists from talking about their work. Most of this work is environmental in nature or related to climate change. The government has also been radically changing the National Research Council; now it only focuses on profitable science; no longer is basic research considered. Oh yeah and they defunded several world famous environmental research facilities in Canada.

The government is the only one in the entire british commonwealth’s history to be found to be in ‘contempt of parliament’. It has never happened anywhere in any of the former british colonies until Stephen Harper prorogued parliament to save face.

He’s been involved in numerous major scandals; including cheating during elections, allegations of robocalls to mislead voters and paying off canadian senators in a secret cover up.

I can’t even list all the terrible things he’s done, but here is a quick list of just what I could think of off the top of my head.

Here’s some more info on why Stephen Harper is bad news for Canada:

Why Not Harper?

reasons NOT to vote for Stephen Harper and the conservative party in the next federal election this year:
  • they are anti-environment
  • they are anti-peacekeeping
  • they are anti-union
  • they are anti-middle/working class
  • they are anti-women/anti-prochoice
  • they are anti-first nations
  • they are pro-coporation
  • they are pro-war
  • they are pro-rich
  • they are pro-white
  • they are anti-canadian
Call a public inquiry into hundreds of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada

On August 22nd, 2014, Prime Minister Stephen Harper once again rejected the call for a public inquiry into the 1181 cases of missing or murdered aboriginal women across Canada since 1980.  Aboriginal women make up 4.3 per cent of the Canadian population, but account for 16 per cent of female homicides and 11.3 per cent of missing women. 

Please sign this petition and share this as much as you can. It is time for the Canadian government to take action. The slaughter of Canada’s aboriginal women cannot go on any longer and the government must take responsibility and be called into action. 

That awkward moment when your government ignores the plight of over a thousand missing and murdered aboriginal women as “not a sociological phenomenon” but announces new surveillance legislation within two days as a response to the shooting death of one white male soldier after it relaxed gun restrictions against the advice of law enforcement.

Just a friendly reminder:

If you’re disappointed by Government of Canada decisions such as Canada extending and expanding its war against ISIS (which just happened). We’ll be bombing Syria soon and continuing the campaign in Iraq.

Remember this in October. We have a federal election on October 19th, 2015. 

The Liberals, NDP and Greens are all opposed to this mission extension and expansion to varying degrees. Do your research, and vote for a party that represents your interests. Go further if you can and network with others and get them to vote too.

Otherwise you’re giving Stephen Harper and his party a free pass to do whatever he wants. If he wins again this fall, this kind of behaviour will only continue.

Do you know what’s terrifying? When I tried to explain to my Grandma all of the horrible things Harper has done she said that the bible says it’s wrong to speak out against Christians. 

Like she straight up admitted that she won’t listen to a single word against Stephen Harper because he believes in the same god as her.

This is why young people need to go vote, regardless of religion. Old fashioned ideas like this shouldn’t be dictating our futures.

Missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

I spent like 20 minutes trying to compose a tweet about how important it is for people to educate themselves on the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls but i kept going over the character limit. There are families right now in Manitoba who are paying out of their own pockets to drag the Red River in hopes of finding the bodies of their loved ones who have gone missing. It’s impossible to fathom how tragic that is and how the Canadian government is refusing to help. Last year they found 7 bodies, if the Canadian government cared even the littlest bit about the Indigenous people in Canada those bodies women and girls would not have to wait for an annual drag of the river,  funded by their families to be found. If the government cared even the littlest bit they would be dragging those waters after an Indigenous women or girl is reported missing, they would be working with the families to find the girls and working with communities to help them heal. The Canadian government is a complete joke as Stephen Harper argues that this isn’t a race issue and says it isn’t on his radar. As he continues to ignore the issue Stephen Harper is perpetuating and encouraging violence against Indigenous women and girls. The number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada is in the thousands, and that is blood on the government’s hands. 



this was in my local newspaper today regarding Canada’s prime minister and i was really happy to see it because it brings light to a lot of fucked up stuff in this country regarding feminism

“Imagine, this is a prime minister who has in practice and action sent women’s equality backwards. He has ridiculed and eroded pay equity. Eliminated the beginnings of a national childcare program. Defunded feminist and women’s organizations promoting and working for a more equal Canada. This is a prime minister who stubbornly and callously refuses to call an inquiry into 1,300 murdered and missing aboriginal and indigenous women and girls. And yet he has the unmitigated gall to say his aversion to the niqab (a veil worn by some Muslim women) is about protecting the rights of women. Gag me with a spoon.
There has been no prime minister in recent times as anti-woman as this one.
Lana Payne