Amnesia: Memories Limited Edition


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Amnesia Dreamy Summer Body Pillow Case
Ever dreamt about taking a nap with 5 beautiful men on a hot summer day? Now you can! A body pillow will fit perfectly in this pillow case, which secures with a zipper. You don’t need to look elsewhere for a sweet dream when you nap or sleep at night!
Size: Approx. 47 inch x 20 inch
*Body Pillow is not included.

Amnesia Artbook
Delve deeper into the world of Amnesia! With every page you turn, you’ll be greeted with character art, rough sketches, concept art, special illustrations, and more!
Approx. size: 7 inch (h) x 5.5 inch (w)
Pages: 52

Amnesia Soundtrack CD
Recreate the scenes of Amnesia: Memories with this background music CD!

Collector’s Box
Pack up your memories in this collector’s box!

Amnesia: Memories Remnants of Love Keepsake Box: $39.99

Amnesia: Memories Limited Edition (Includes Steam code): $54.98


Tales of Cosmos is a charming point and click space adventure in which you help a little dog and a monkey as they repair their ship, explore space and discover beautifully drawn Little Prince-esque planetoids.

You control the dog (Perseus) and the monkey (Professor Gagayev) independently with each one having their own strengths – Perseus can bark very loudly and offer some great insight into objects and characters, while Professor Gagayev has access to the inventory and enjoys hitting things.  The amount of detail that has gone into creating the large open universe is impressive, offering clever puzzle design, memorable characters and beautiful hand drawn visuals.

The Beta Demo offers up a sizable chunk of the game, allowing you to explore a selection of planetoids in the cosmos (once you figure out way to build a ship), and experience plenty of it’s wonderful artwork and fiendish puzzles.  Even in these early stages of development, it draws favourable comparisons to Machinarium, but with a little more color and a lot more cute animal cosmonauts.  If you love a good point and click adventure Tales of Cosmos is certainly worth checking out – a space odyssey with bags of character and charm.

Play the Beta Demo, Free (Steam)


Interning at NASA is awesome!! …so I had to make some gifs

So the top gif is me sitting in front of NASA’s thermal testing chamber. At this time the chamber was heating up so I had a 45 min break before taking data again. We were testing HD video cameras that will be on the outside of the space station in a few months. They will mostly help with navigation and systems checking.

The second and last images are in front of one of NASA’s 360 degree virtual reality chambers. I’ll post more about these in the future, they are super cool and deserve a post all to their own. The third image is me programming in a good old Linux terminal.

…And the fourth image is me basking in the glory of an Saturn V rocket. This is the rocket that took us to the moon! If any of you ever get the opportunity to see one I highly recommend it.

So if you guys want to keep up with my NASA intern adventures I post about it about twice a week, check out, and you can follow my adventures on twitter @astro_wonders if you so choose. also check out ourtech she’s the one in the last pic!