One More for Baltimore

I’ve started to lose faith in humanity day by day. It grows smaller and I can’t seem to wash the hate away. You see there’s a war that no one sees and it’s brewing in the streets. The only coverage it gets is when it finally happens on TV. Socially and economically, the problems that we ignore have poured onto the streets in a display of blood baths and gore. It’s deeper than the color blue and wider than black, it’s the color red that flows freely after each and every attack. “Hands up, don’t shoot,” and “I can’t breathe,” have become words of a generation facing the realization that their every movement results in the mobilization of force. Because for some reason our leaders choose not to peer deeper into the problems facing our brothers and sisters but instead insist that violence is how we should solve them. The second they put down words and picked up guns, they alienated humanity from the slightest chance of peace or at least of ever getting there easily. See, it seems we’ve forgotten that words are the real weapons, whether they be evil or good but rarely is peace obtained by slamming bodies onto hoods. Handcuffs and gunshots should be the last of all devices used to try and bring about quick and decisive change…..or perhaps I’m just insane and peace is something that will never be obtained.

I was just at American Eagle and saw this shirt that said “Stay Gold” on it and I was so unbelievably happy!

Until I saw the rest of it, and it actually said “Stay Golden” so I yelled at the girl that worked there and told her that they need to learn how to read literature and get the quote right. And kept carrying on until this little girl started crying.

I’m not allowed back there…

anonymous asked:

the stay golden thing on your sidebar haha

ah, i get you!! stay gold and stay golden are actually both sayings, which basically mean the same thing, too!! you know - stay true to yourself, never change, etc.