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Have you read/seen Harry Potter?

Lady Sif: I have indeed read the tales of Harry Potter during my stay on Midgard. I greatly enjoyed the books as a whole, especially the depth of the characters. The bravery of the children and the strong camaraderie built between them was very admirable.  


Drax: Quill has left his copy of Sorcerer’s Stone out on his ship. I have read it a few times. This Voldemort, he sounds like someone I’d want to destroy. Clever little wizard boy that Harry, and his friends Ron and Hermione. 


Logan: I’ve picked up a the books before when the mood struck. Also, that bit about Snape in the last book? Called it.


Rocket: Meh, I’m not one for all that magic-y, hocus pocus stuff. Let’s face it, who would believe that a secret world full of weird-ass creatures existed just out of reach of the human awareness? Complete bullshit, if ya ask me


Starlord: Drax is right, I’ve read those books and I do leave them lying around on my ship, because I read them so much.  I’ve always been able to relate to Harry on a personal level, especially now that there’s a very specific group of people I travel with.



A series of quick GOTG illustrations I created over the past two weeks. I frikkin’ love this movie! 

Here’s a compilation of all five images :

Prints  are available Here!



Endless list of beautiful cinematography
Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Director of Photography: Ben Davis