DailyPBO: The President & The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation - June 2014

The crowd to President Obama: “We love you President Obama! You’re our hero!” President Obama: “I love you back!”

Obama became only the fourth sitting president to visit an Indian reservation. Attending with the First Lady, it was a truly inspiring event at the Cannon Ball Pow Wow Grounds in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The Native American community was bursting with pride over the president’s visit and when he spoke Lakota during his speech, they were completely moved. It was a wonderful day for a community that never (and I mean NEVER) gets the respect they deserve. Bravo, Mr. President. For more reactions, check the Twitter hashtag: #PrezRezVisit

1.) Standing Bull, 2.) Bear Who Looks Back Running [Stands and Looks Back], 3.) Has the Big White Horse, 4.) White Tail, 5. Liver [Living] Bear, 6.) Little Thunder, 7.) Bull Dog, 8.) High Hawk, 9.) Lame, 10.) Eagle Pipe.

Lakota (Sioux) Chiefs attending Gen. Miles “council” during the American ‘Indian Wars.’ [Group portrait]; on or near Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 1891.

see the article for all the info, but here’s the breakdown!


Obama visits ‘Indian Country’ in N. Dakota

Barack Obama traveled to a Native American reservation in North Dakota, his first visit as US president to “Indian Country,” where he focused Friday on education and economic development.

The president, accompanied by First Lady Michelle Obama, visited the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reservation in the central far northern state.

The Sioux, which include the Lakota and Dakota nations, are the people of Sitting Bull, the chief famous for his victory over the US cavalry in the 1876 Battle of Little Bighorn. (AFP)

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Demian Diné Yazhi’
Custer’s Last Stand, 2014

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