"You’re a beautiful, intelligent, intuitive, and… beautiful woman."


A Q&A with Noah Emmerich. If you ignore the hundredth “we’re rooting for the spies, isn’t that sooo weird?” comment, it’s a pretty nice conversation about Stan Beeman.


"There’s a wonderful scene in one of my episodes where Noah Emmerich’s character is interrogating a KGB agent they’ve captured. He essentially has a monologue about hunting. We play almost half of it on a push-in without cutting away, then almost the other half on a push-in on his abductee. It created a real sense of weight and tension, not being able to see what the other person was thinking and feeling at every moment, anticipating what might be going on off-camera. That is something you get to do more in features, but something I’m starting to see more in television — a recognition that you lose opportunities to tell the story well when you are simply playing dialogue. The Americans was a phenomenal experience because I got to rethink how I approached material" -Daniel Valverde, one of the editors of The Americans.

Read the full feature about the editors in the Editors Guild Magazine here.


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