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To help more animals like Bertie for Animal Health Trust because we want to help prevent blindess in animals.

Bertie had been let down badly a number of times in his short life and most recently by a controversial and now defunct organisation who supposedly ‘rescued’ him last year after he had been thrown into a canal and left to drown. Hundreds and hundreds of pounds in donations were taken for Bertie who needed cataract operations on both eyes, sadly Bertie didn’t get all the treatment that the public paid for which resulted in him having very little vision which for such a young Stafford with many years ahead of him this wasn’t good.

Bertie is now safe thanks to TARAG and other groups working together and he came into the care of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue in January 2015. With us he has received the treatment, love and care he so desperately needed and is being fully assessed and worked on in order to find his one day, forever home. When we took Bertie for his first vet visit in January he was generally in good health apart from his eyes; had also been castrated back in August 2014 but his stitches had been left in! We were not happy about the eye that had the cataract removed and the other eye had not been touched despite the huge amount of money donated specifically for his operations. A decision was made that Bertie needed specialist treatment and an appointment was arranged with Claudia Hartley & Ben Blacklock at the Animal Health Trust. After various tests, as suspected poor Bertie was completely blind in his left eye; his retina had completely detached, the eye was livid and it was suspected he was in pain. The other eye needed the cataract removing and everyone kept their fingers crossed that his sight could be saved. He has now had his cataract removed and the other eye has been taken out and is healing well.

Bother operations were successful and AHT are pleased with the sight he has gained in his remaining eye; he’s in excellent health and has regular check-ups at AHT which will continue for some time to come. Without surgical intervention, Bertie would have gone blind and he owes AHT a huge debt of gratitude; without their skill his outlook on life today would literally have been very different. They gave him his vision back, took away his pain and gave him a quality of life which was cruelly denied him before. Bertie’s Mission has been set up to help raise 50k for AHT so that they can help more animals like Bertie, prevent them from losing thier sight and help prevent further eye disease. So please dig deep and help him raise funds for them so that other animals can benefit from their care and expertise.”

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Dog • American Bulldog & American Staffordshire Terrier Mix • Baby • Female • Medium
Standing Proud Pit Bull Rescue Fountain Hills, AZ

Ellie (aka EB) is a special girl who is ready for her forever home! Ellie is a tripawd, meaning she has three legs, after she came to us with an old injury to her back leg that could not be repaired. She is fun, loving, and resilient, medium to large dog social, kid friendly, crate trained, house broken. Ellie is around 7 months old and is a petite bulldog, pittie mix with the cutest under bite in town. EB prefers running over walking, rides in the car like a boss, great with baths, loves nylabones and moose paddle antlers, loves to snuggle with and on you and must have a lifetime supply of stuffies! She doesn’t miss that leg so neither should you. She says she can beat you in any 3 legged race. If you are interested in spending your life, home and heart with her, fill out an adoption application at



Boston Terrier / Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter - Clarks Summit, PA


From Facebook:

Apollo is a 9 month old Boston Terrier/Staffordshire Terrier mix male. He is playful and wiggly!
He is very determined to get outside and run around, so much so that he might try to grab the leash before you can get it on him. Don’t be afraid - he just REALLY has to pee!

With some patience and training, Apollo is going to make a fantastic friend to some lucky person. 
Apollo requires a meet & greet with dogs if an approved adopter has other dogs in their home.

Apollo would LOVE to have a Pond Pal! If you can devote some time each week to helping Apollo refine his leash manners, send an email to  
So this is what I'm talking about.

Even people who work with dogs wrongly identified pits. I just saw a picture of a Staffie and the shelter called him a Pit Bull mix, which a staffie is one of the four breeds considered a Pit Bull, there is no such thing as a “Pit Bull mix” because Pit Bull isn’t a breed. And a staffie is a different breed then a American Pit bull Terrier. :/