“Seeds” by Moses Sumney // Seeds (2015 / Terrible Records)

Moses Sumney is an artist who, if you are unfamiliar with, should have your attention based purely upon the artists that he has shared the stage (Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent, Erykah Badu, Beck, etc…). Of course, if that doesn’t pique your interest, then it shouldn’t take more than a half minute or so listening to his haunting, acoustic ballad, “Seeds”, to make you a fan. The track was produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, and that subtle touch plays through beautifully as the song arcs and sways and hovers just out of reach like some ghostly memory that you desperately want to hold onto. Sumney is surely an artist to watch and without a doubt, someone that you’ll likely be hearing more from whether you’re looking or not. The guy is the real deal. 

Lady Gaga and St. Vincent backstage at the Monster Ball in 2010. Gaga has commented on meeting her, saying, “I love St. Vincent. She came to both the Monster and Born This Way Ball. She’s so sweet and cute but don’t let that fool you: she’s one of the greatest guitar players of this generation. Her song ‘Cheerleader’ is one of my favorites. She’s so good.”  St. Vincent is known to be a big fan of Mother Monster and once told a fan she has a signed poster from Gaga in her living room.