I can’t get over how awesome his voice is… Especially the last part… The change in pitch is… I can’t even… IT’S SO PERFECT!!! :3

A person on Twitter sent me this old Halloween photo of theirs and it is now my favorite, most hilarious photo of people dressed as my characters. Squee looks like Batboy from the Weekly World News, and he’s ENORMOUS. The other kid looks like he maybe murdered GIR and then wore his skin like a suit.

All in all, this photos is fantastic and it makes me laugh. Would look at again.

Fenris and Hawke by frikadeller on tumblr

I love this pic so much. I don’t really care what happens between the Warden and Zevran afterward. They were basically kids anyway, and it was my little mage-ling’s first trip outside the Circle, so whatever. But THESE guys…It’s like SIX YEARS of investment and understanding and forgiving and trying again. If THEY can’t get a happily-ever-after after all that, then the people over at Bioware are the most cynical bunch douches in the universe. 

This is my second flatbear commission. I asked for Clint and Coulson exchanging gifts.


I just… I can’t… it’s so perfect. Look at his happy little face! *cuddles them both*

And Phil’s gift for Clint is a mystery. I can’t figure out what it is. I think it might be a bowling ball. *g*

If you’re going to share it (and you totally should!), please don’t remove her url! She deserves all the credit in the world!

(My third commission was a gift for someone else, and I’ll let them share it if they want to!)

theradradical-deactivated201501 asked:

I've seen you mention working on a JtHM Animated project a few times, and it's gotten me wondering. Is that your new 'pet project', or is there something else you're working on that you're more excited about?

The JTHM feature is a waiting for us to reach it at this moment, what with the things that have to happen before it, like the completion of the SQUEE! animated short. 

I’m excited about all these things, and each of them for slightly different reasons. SQUEE! and Johnny, those are all pretty much in our hands, myself and the people making it possible, so that’s great, but we all have to find the time to work on them in between other projects.

There’s another thing going on, bigger in scale but constrained by a more traditional/glacial animation setup. Can’t say much about it, but I’m looking at a character that’s been mostly in my head for the past two years taking her first animated test steps and it’s one of the best feelings of late.

It’s possible you’ll see more in the future, but for now, just be happy I’m seeing some really cool stuff while not telling you what that stuff is!


ペルソナ5 PV#01


The only non-superhero comic books I’ve ever gotten into was anything/everything created by Jhonen Vasquez. Incredibly clever, amazing art, and fucking hilarious. “Johnny The Homicidal Maniac” and “Squee!” were his main comics along with many others. He also created the Nickelodeon TV show “Invader Zim”.


I have been smiling all day because I got my commissions from flatbear! Like, seriously, people at work were asking me why I was in such a good mood. They are so fantastic!

(I was greedy and bought three. But one of them is a gift.)

This one is full of PHEELS!

My babies! It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay, Clint, HE GETS BETTER!

This is so cute, and I want everyone in the world to see it. Just remember if you’re going to share, don’t be a dick. Leave flatbear’s url on there, and no claiming it as your own. Phil will rise out of that bed and kick your ass.