FF7 クラエア漫画

"There are still people I don’t want to be separated from. I can’t sleep yet. Until that time comes, I’ll wander around here for a while.

I’ll spend my time here in the Planet…

In our Promised Land…

Wishing she could send away her thoughts, Aerith looked up at the sky… She looked beyond the shell of the Planet above her head. The particles of Mako that floated and shooted around looked like the night sky to her.

She looked up into the sky like the time she sat beside Cloud around the kindling fire in Cosmo Canyon.”

Maiden Who Travels the Planet; Square Enix

In Maiden Who Travels the Planet, Aerith says she wants to spend time in "our" Promised Land — a Promised Land between herself and Cloud.

We know this Promised Land is between herself and Cloud because Aerith thinks back fondly on the moment Cloud said he would always be there for her in Cosmo Canyon — a classic romantic trope. This moment resonated and stayed with Aerith, and is now a memory she thinks of in hers and Cloud’s Promised Land that is within the planet’s lifestream.

If you recall, Cloud Strife said:

Aerith’s memories… Our memories…

We came… to tell you… our memories… Come Planet! Show us your answer!

Then, at the end of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud is given his answer:

……I think I’m beginning to understand.

An answer from the Planet

the Promised Land…          

I think I can meet her… there.

At the end of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud is given the answer he sought from the Planet: he can find Aerith within the lifestream in the very Promised Land Aerith speaks of in Maiden Who Travels the Planet.

According to Aerith, ones Promised Land is a feeling one gets:

You search and travel, until you feel it. Like you just know, …this is the Promised Land.

Cloud has felt his Promised Land twice: once at the end of Final Fantasy VII, and once in Advent Children. In Advent Children, Cloud’s Promised Land is stated to be the place he awakens [Aerith’s Church]:

"The place where he awakens —
That is Cloud’s Promised Land

As he sleeps, Cloud hears two voices. The voices of two people very dear to him, who are no longer with him. Playfully and kindly, they give him a message: he doesn’t belong here yet.”

Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania; Square Enix

The two places that have been stated to be Cloud’s Promised Land have one common denominator: Aerith Gainsborough.

In life, Cloud’s Promised Land is Aerith’s Church because it’s explicitly stated that Cloud’s Promised Land is the place where he awakens [Aerith’s Church]. That is the closest way Cloud can be with Aerith while alive. Then, when Cloud finally belongs in the lifestream [“he doesn’t belong here yet”], he will be reunited with Aerith in the exact Promised Land she speaks of in Maiden Who Travels the Planet — the same Promised Land Cloud discovered at the end of Final Fantasy VII.

When Cloud saw Aerith reaching down to him at the end of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud felt his Promised Land. He says so. Then, in Advent Children, Cloud finds Aerith in her Church. Her Church is another place Cloud has felt his Promised Land.

Cloud felt his Promised Land in two places: the lifestream and Aerith’s Church. Why? Because he can find Aerith in both places. Aerith brings Cloud his feeling of "supreme happiness" — the feeling required to find one’s Promised Land.

Aerith is waiting for you, Cloud. Luckily she has many fond memories —such as the moment in Cosmo Canyon— to remember. Soul mates until the end of time.

anonymous asked:

Expand on keyblade master thing. Light or Dark? Magic or Strength? Attack, Speed, or Defense?? :D What would your glider look like?

Definitely light. I’m a good guy!

I tend to rely more on physical attacks and abilities, so I would be more strength/attack based. 

I would want my glider to be more of a bike as opposed to a surfboard. Think like a Tron light cycle bike, but more badass.

Square Enix has released a new set of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD character trailers, highlighting Class Zero’s Machina, Rem, Cinque, Cater, and Trey.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One upgrade of the PSP RPG is due out in North America on March 17 and Europe on March 20.

Watch the trailers below.











Tomb Raider is free on Xbox Live Gold this month so I decided to give it a go.

The last time I played a Tomb Raider title I was driving a quad bike around a mansion and locking a butler in the fridge.  Needless to say that was some time ago.

I’d heard great things about the reboot series but I wasn’t expecting it to be anywhere near as good as it actually is.

The gameplay itself reminds me obviously of the classic incarnation but with a little Last of Us and Uncharted thrown in and although I’m only about 1 and a half hours in, I’m really enjoying it so far and for free you just can’t go wrong with this title.          

The re-imagining of the iconic Lara Croft is amazing, she’s much more in proportion and no longer makes ridiculous noises when jumping from ledge to ledge.

I’d go as far as to say this version of Lara is one of my favourite video game characters,  she gets everything plus the kitchen sink thrown at her but she gets back up and carries on.

A great digital role model and refreshing to see such a strong female lead once again on our screens.   Lara has always kicked ass but this is major progression in all the right ways.