NOW 4 SALE!!! WHO’S READY FOR THE #SPLASHBROTHERS TONIGHT!? Silkscreened the NEW #GSW inspired design today! For everyone that put in a pre-order you’ll be getting contacted soon for meet ups and for those that were waiting to see the final product before ordering HERE IT IS! I’ll also have the look for the blue on white gear later today as well. For orders of tees ($20) & crewnecks ($40), email me at #DUBNATION #LETSGOWARRIORS #WARRIORSGROUND (at Starbucks)


The NBA spotlights the families of the #SPLASHBROTHERS and their connections to the sport of basketball: Steph Curry, Dell Curry, Sonya Curry, Mychal Thompson, and Klay Thompson.

Btw, who do YOU think would win in a 2-on-2 father-son game to 11: the Curry’s or the Thompson’s? Explain why and by how much would either team win.

Cant forget my #GoldenStateWarriors winning the season opener! My design was on tv! I was focused on the #SFGIANTS so i didnt spot this but thanks to @tonypsd & @veniciokristylz for snapping these shots & sharing! Of course thanks to @kurtisleehermes pictured at the #GSW vs Kings game for all the support!! Thank you guys!!#SplashBrothers #StephenCurry #KlayThompson (#SuperSplashBros design still for sale)

#SPLASHBROTHERS TAKING OVER MY ROOM! Can’t wait to get these orders out to you guys and can’t wait for the #WARRIORS game today!! 2WINS AWAY AND WE CAN MAKE IT TO. HE WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS!! #WEareWARRIORS (If you’d like to order this tee or crewneck in golden yellow or white email me at DYNOISTHENAME@GMAIL.COM) #dubnation