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Imagine Spock resigning himself to the fact that Jim will never look at him as more than a friend. He contents himself to be Jim's companion in exploring the shops and museums of the new planets they visit. Meanwhile, Jim keeps trying to make Spock look at him romantically, by planning quiet dates for them to go on, like visiting fascinating museums and shopping for antiques because he knows Spock loves items with history. Basically they're both oblivious, wanting what they already have

Imagine Jim finally working up the nerves to hold Spock’s hand in the art gallery and he reaches out and Spock yanks his hand away and tells Jim that “this is not practiced among friends on Vulcan” and Jim looks up at Spock through his eyelashes and tells him “Well then let go mister Spock.”

 and Spock doesn’t.

Across the Universe
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by 1lostone

Bones is a patient man. He almost has to be when you’re best friends with the damnfool infants running amok on this giant tin can. But sometimes? A man has his limits. Watching Spock and Jim tiptoe around each other is makin’ Bones more nervous than watchin’ a Caitian wrestle a hungry Tellarite in a room full of rocking chairs. He can only be expected to take so much… and it’s for the two morons’ own good. Really.

Words: 15126, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Imagine Amanda calling Jim and demanding to know why he hasn't proposed yet. He doesn't have a good answer, even though it's clear at this point he plans on spending the rest of his life with Spock. Amanda's just like "I'm going to get one chance to watch my only child get married. Don't you dare mess this up."

Amanda and Jim are bros. When Spock and Jim visit Amanda and Sarek, Amanda and Jim lie around and talk Vulcan management and drink red wine and get a bit tipsy together. Spock and Sarek are confused, but appreciate how close they are.

At the wedding, Jim and Spock walk each other down the aisle, but Amanda holds the rings and Sarek watches with a slight softening of his face (if he were human, he would be crying). Bones is Jim’s best man and bawls, but insists the tears were allergies.

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Headcanon: (when they're just friends) Jim always notices Spock kinda muttering under his breath. He always figures he's just talking to himself, but when he decides to learn Vulcan as a surprise to Spock and once he becomes intermediate at it he comes to realise Spock is muttering things about him, sometimes whispered praises, sometimes talking about how hot Jim is. Spock doesn't find out Jim knows Vulcan for months until Jim has to talk to an ambassador. Spock turns bright green.

No but then Jim starts whispering back and before they’re even a thing they’re dirty talking each other. Uhura is not impressed, but happy that those idiots got their acts together.

When they move in together, Spock loves to whisper much more intimate words into Jim’s ear. Words like “t’hy’la” and “ashayam” and they fill Jim up with happiness and pride.

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gay fanfic
  • author:slow build
  • *30 chapters later
  • me:it's not that bad, they're going to get together.
  • *50 chapters later
  • me:why are they still not together?!
  • *60 chapters later
  • me:holy fucking fuck, this is ridiculous!
  • *80 chapters later
  • me:can they just fuck each other already?!
  • *115 chapters later
  • me:omg! that was soooo good! best story ever! I'm going to read it again.

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Sometimes, I think about Jim saying he feels young at the end of Wrath of Khan and I burst into tears because he's realized how many years he's ping to have to live without Spock and it breaks my heart because Jim might never have thought about it, but Spock would have. He would have expected to outlive Jim by a century. But he still chose to spend all the time that he could with Jim while he had the chance.

Bones thinks that above all, the most tragic thing he has ever seen is how young Jim looks when he cries. Jim is slumped in his arms and broken and when he lets down those walls, his carefully constructed posture and face crumples until he looks like a child again. And all Bones can do is watch and imagine the feeling of losing the other half of your soul.

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