The people who are truly for you- always find a way to be there for you, even when they can’t be. You feel them {deeply} and they feel you.
—  Lalah Delia


“The Nature of God Is a Circle of Which the Center Is Everywhere and the Circumference Is Nowhere.” - Empedocles #AlexGrey #Eye #God #Art #AllIsSelf #Youniverse #Innerverse #Universe #Self #Innerversity #University #Mind #Body #Soul #Spirit #Aspire #Inspire #Ascend #Transcend #Expand #Express #Explore #Contemplate #Connect #Reflect #Discover #Love #Live #Life Art Piece: by Alex Grey

I take my time. I want to be myself. I don’t deny myself in the here and now. This is our practice—we call it aimlessness. We don’t put a goal in front of ourselves and run after it constantly. If we do, we’ll be running all our life and never be happy. Happiness is possible only when you stop running and cherish the present moment and who you are.
—  Thich Nhat Hanh
"Compelling book of double-sided poetry, following theme of quantum entanglement, reminds readers that all humans are connected." My first book review 😁

Masterfully crafted by Annie Tsotas, ‘Harlequin Confessions’ is a unique compilation of spiritual poetry – with one half told from a girl’s perspective, and the other from that of her once lover. After they die and are resurrected, the duo succumb to the power of quantum entanglement (a theory that dictates no matter how far apart two particles are, they remain connected) to fall back in love under the force of unity. It’s a hugely thought-provoking volume, written for a world that often forgets that everything is connected.

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Montreal, Quebec – There’s no point in sugarcoating the truth; humanity thrives on individualism and materialism, forgetting that it was instead created to be truly one with its planet. In her powerful new book of poetry, Annie Tsotas hopes to once again wake people up to this reality, while empowering them to accept their universal connection with each other and the world they inhabit.

But ‘Harlequin Confessions’ is far from a conventional book of poetry. Written in two parts – one from the perspective of a girl and another from the boy – the collection encapsulates all that is magical about unity; the one thing holding humanity together. Ironically, it’s also the one thing most people fail to embrace.


Quantum entanglement: when two individual particles interact and are then separated. However, when they are separated, no matter the distance or how far apart they are, they remain connected and react in unison. Harlequin Confessions, is a compilation of poems that focus on two major themes: the creation and existence of humanity. It’s about two people that were once lovers, find a reconnection, a lifetime later.

It’s about how every experience, every step of our lives, shapes where we will end up. It’s about love, loss, and moving on. It’s about understanding where we came from, and who we are. Annie uses a unique writing style to try to establish a foundation of oneness between humans, and she uses her poetry to unravel the question of what makes a human, human, and what ties the connection between two strangers.

“A lot of the poems are spiritual, focusing on the pain and heartache in life experiences; congruent with the Buddhist approach that one must suffer in order to reach happiness,” explains Tsotas. “It’s all an attempt to help readers see themselves and the world differently, in a new light that allows them to bear the fruits of a connected humanity.”

Continuing, “Most forget that we have been designed from the ground up to exist as one. We were made to be connected – to help each other rather than compete. The modern world’s abuse and materialism has skewed this ideal, and we’re slowly disconnecting ourselves from our planet and ruining it in the process. I want to remind people that we are our planet. Our world is made out of bits of ourselves and when we harm our world, we harm ourselves.”

The author sees wide appeal for her work.

“The book and its collective story will appeal to everyone from thoroughbred fans of poetry to those committed to exploring their spiritual side. There really is something for everyone – a universal message to humanity, and a vital one at that,” she adds.

Since its release, the volume has garnered rave reviews. For example, Thomas C. Reed comments, “An amazing collection of poems, prose-poetry, and bones, all interconnected by heartfelt emotion under the moon.”

‘Harlequin Confessions’, is available now:

About the Author:

Born and raised in Montreal, Annie Tsotas is a creative arts student whose prime passion is writing. She likes finding new ways to put words together, and she likes to consider herself a poet, nights she breathes metaphors instead of oxygen.


Yay my first review!!! This definitely cheered up my day :) I’m glad to share it with you guys ❤️

When you realise that nothing, no external “thing” – no person, no object, no substance, no circumstance, no revelation, no single experience – ever has the power to make you permanently happy, you discover a deeper invitation: to realise that nothing, the no-thing that you are, is the source of true happiness, and that every experience holds the key.
Nothing can make you happy, therefore happiness lies within, and that is a reason for great joy….
—  Jeff Foster (
Meditation on Being Authentic.

Be true to yourself.  Always, in all ways.  Even it means “hiking” alone for a while.  Do what you love to do, because if you continue to pretend to be someone you’re not, you may forget who you really are. It’s no surprise that so many of us are lost and trying to find ourselves - we’re missing!

  ~ Timber Hawkeye (Buddhist Boot Camp)

Wake up and feel the light in you.
Think positive, your life is a gift!
Believe in yourself and you will manifest your dreams to the fullest.

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