• Spike:"Hey guys look I got a cat!"
  • Optimus:"A what?"
  • Bee and Jazz:"IT'S ADORABLE"
  • Wheeljack and Perceptor in the background:"Can we use it for science?"
  • Spike:"I named it Starscream"
  • Everyone:"..."
  • Optimus:"And why did you do that?"
  • Spike:"He bites the hand that feeds him, whines loudly and endlessly at the wrong times, thinks he's king of the house until he does something wrong and cowers in the corner..."
  • Ironhide:"wait are you talking about Starscream or the cat?"
  • Spike:"Exactly!"
  • Everyone:"..."
  • Jazz:"He's got a point."

Optimus Prime: My audio receptors! What is that noise?
Hoist: Humans call it “music”
Sparkplug: Not this human.
Jazz: Sounds alright to me.

Optimus Prime: Blaster, decrease volume! Blaster! Shut up!
All: Shut up!

Blaster: Hey guys, I was only tryin’ to turn you onto some good tunes!