"Missing You." Spencer Reid imagine.

Imagine Request: Going missing and when Spencer finally finds you he admits he loves you and stays with you that night cuddling with you so that you aren’t scared.


"Hey, baby girl, any lead in (Y/N)’s disappearance?" Derek asked Penelope.

The team had been working on your case for almost a week now, ad it was driving Spencer up the wall knowing you could be getting tortured, raped, or murdered at the moment.

He paced the floor desperately, and the tem watch him with worry. Reid had hardly slept since you went missing, and when he did sleep he only awoke from treacherous nightmares.

He looked back at the team with tired eyes, surrounded in purple, his hair was a mess, and his clothes were stained and wrinkled, needless to say, he looked like hell.

"I might have an address, you guys go and check it out, it’s on the corner of Woodlawn Av. Goodluck, babies!" Garcia chirped, she had been almost as worried about you as Reid.

"Thanks, Garci." Derek said quickly and hung up.

"We need to go now or we could be too late," He said loading the team up. The team hopped in two separate vehicles, on with Morgan, Prentiss, and Spencer, and the second car with Rossi, JJ, and Hotch.

Morgan sped down the winding road but Spence couldn’t bear the agony.

"Is there a way we could go any faster?" Reid complained. Morgan scoffed but did speed up, knowing Spencer was on edge.

Readers POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You screamed in pain once more as the man burned you with a ciggarete, you had little burns shaped like circles all over your body.

"Well if you weren’t such a bad girl you wouldn’t be punished." He talked to you as if you were a child. This man had beat you until you bled ever since he kidnapped you. The worst part about being kidnapped by this particular man was that he was so normal on the outside. Clean cut, nicely dressed, in shape, bright smile, and a cute house with sweet neighbors. He was your ordinary mid-thirties man until you entered that twisted little head of his and saw what amonster he actually was.

"Now, honey, maybe it’s time we learn some manners?" He said in a sickly sweet tone. You only glared at him in disgust.

"Oh, darling, don’t give me that look," He made a pouty face and leaned in close to you, and you took this chance to spit in his face.

You would have done more than that disgusting task, but unfortunately your hands were tied behind a chair, leaving you incapable of much. He wiped your saliva off his cheek and chuckled low.

"Now, sweetie, that’s not how good girls behave, I guess I’ll have to teach you another lesson." He said striking you across the cheek, leaving a large red mark that would soon turn into a bruise.

The psycho was about to “teach you more lessons” until some familiar faces burst through the door.

"FBI, get on the ground and put your hands behind your head!" Your wonderful team member, Morgan, yelled. But the man quickly retrieved a gun from the nearest drawer and pushed it against your head. You tried to remain calm but your heart was beating too fast to even breathe right, and it started beating faster when Reid came through the door.

"Spencer.." You whimpered. You didn’t realize how much you had missed him, of coarse you thought about him every second while kidnapped, but seeing him now was like seeing ice cold water while being stranded in the desert.

"You shoot me and the little lady goes down too." The kidnapper said with a wicked smile.

"Just tell us what you want and we can make an exchange." Reid tried reasoning with him, he was lying but he had hoped that he could trick the unsub.

"I just want her," He said, not budging. Moran and Reid tried other ways to reason but he would not compromise.

"I guess neither of us are giving up for her, so that means the gun gets her." He said, almost pulling the trigger but before he could end your life, Reid shot him in the shoulder, and then Morgan tackled him to the ground and put him in handcuffs.

Spencer ran to your aid and untied you, you sprang up and wrapped your arms around him. He was so warm, you never wanted to let him go. He was thinking the same things because his arms were snaked tightly around your waist. You breathed in his scent, and savored every second of this pure bliss moment.

"Spencer, I’ve missed you like crazy," You pulled away to meet his gaze, his eyes were red and puffy.

"(Y/N), I love you, and I haven’t stopped thinking about you since you disappeared." Spencer admitted, his face turning a bright red. You were starstruck, in awe, you couldn’t believe what he had just said.

"I love you too," you said just above a whisper.

"I think it’s time to get (Y/N) to a hospital, there’s a lot of wounds to be treated." JJ said, unintentionally breaking you two lovebirds apart.

"Glad to have you back," She said and gave you a huge hug.

Morgan and Prentiss decided to take the other car and let Spencer and you have some time alone. The ride to the hospital was joyous, seeing people, blue skies, and being open to the word again. Like a bird set free from a cage.

"Are you okay?" Spencer nervously asked.

"He didn’t..um..you know.." Reid awkwardly asked if the man had sexually assaulted you but was too shy to spit it out.

"No, he didn’t, thank goodness." You said putting on a comforting smile.

"Are you okay?" You repeated his question, and he nodded, staring at the road.

"I am now,"

You placed your hand on his thigh for comfort and ran circles with your thumb, it seemed to calm him down until you arrived at the hospital. About two hours later you were lying in a hospital bed surrounded by our team, laughing and having a great reuniting time. Your injuries were only a little worse than you thought, you had a concussion from when the man had hit you on the side of the head with  wrench during your stay there.

All of the team had given you hugs and asked how you were feeling but soon had to go home and rest, they had worked non-stop on your case, and needed sleep, and soon enough it was just you and Spencer.

"(Y/N), I’ve missed you more than anything, we can’t let something like this happen again or I’ll for sure lose my mind." He said scooting closer to your bed. You placed a hand on his cheek, touching him was like lightning, it made your heart race and your stomach flip.

"Will you stay with me tonight?" You asked him, and he nodded.

You scooted over in the bed and patted the empty spot next to you and Spencer followed your gestures, lying in bed next to you. You wrapped yourselves  around each other and he rested his chin upon your head.

"Goodnight, Spencer,"


Hey, hoped you guys liked this one! I tried to step it up from my last written imagine because that one sucked but idk if I did better or not.