Team Smashes Own Quantum Teleportation Record

Physicists at the Université de Genève (UNIGE) have succeeded in teleporting the quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 kilometers of optical fiber. The experiment, carried out in the laboratory of Prof. Nicolas Gisin, constitutes a first, and pulverizes the previous record of six kilometers achieved 10 years ago by the same UNIGE team. Passing from light into matter, using teleportation of a photon to a crystal, shows that, in quantum physics, it is not the composition of a particle which is important, but rather its state, since this can exist and persist outside such extreme differences as those which distinguish light from matter. The results obtained by Félix Bussières and his colleagues are reported in the latest edition of Nature Photonics.

Quantum physics, and with it the UNIGE, is again being talked about around the world with the Marcel Benoist Prize for 2014 being awarded to Gisin, and the publication of experiments in Nature Photonics. The latest experiments have enabled verifying that the quantum state of a photon can be maintained whilst transporting it into a crystal without the two coming directly into contact. One needs to imagine the crystal as a memory bank for storing the photon’s information; the latter is transferred over these distances using the teleportation effect.

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[2014.09.22] Jungwoo Twitter Update

ありがとうございます、すぐにまた来ますね韓国カムバックも期待してください大好きです^ ^

Thank you, we’ll come back soon. Please anticipate our comeback in Korea as well.  I love you^ ^

Translations @ speed-boys

possibly the top fifteen kpop choreographies tbh….


  1. speed - don’t tease me
  2. vixx - voodoo
  3. exo - growl
  4. bts - we are bulletproof pt. 2
  5. got7 - i like you
  6. bts - no more dream
  7. bts - concept trailer
  8. exo - intro
  9. infinite - the chaser
  10. shinee - lucifer
  11. shinee - dream girl
  12. toppdogg - arario
  13. got7 - girls girls girls
  14. toppdogg - top dog
  15. i’m not even going to say what this one is


  1. tiny-g - tiny-g
  2. aoa - get out
  3. after school - step up
  4. glam - i like that
  5. 4minute - watcha doin today?
  6. snsd - run devil run
  7. miss a - breathe
  8. g.i - beatles
  9. g.i - yeuk
  10. aoa - miniskirt
  11. nine muses - wild
  12. orange caramel - catallena
  13. tiny-g - make it rain
  14. after school - first love
  15. crayon pop - bar bar bar

[2014.09.22] Jungwoo Twitter Update

딥쓰으 ! 공연잘하고왔습니다 얼른만나요 보고싶네요 잘자요 ㅎㅎ

Deeps ! We did a good performance and came back. Let’s see each other soon, I miss you. Good night ㅎㅎ

Translations @ speed-boys