The universe is conjured into existence by an omnipresent creator. The 1573 image is the creation of the Portuguese artist Francisco de Holanda and one of hundreds in the book “Cosmigraphics: Picturing Space Through Time.” Credit Biblioteca Nacional de España


Lavender Smudge Stick - shaman druid witch wicca healing cleansing smudging pagan witchcraft spells

Lovely handmade scottish homegrown organic lavender smudge sticks hand tied with twine.
very pungent unforgettable smudge sticks. i personally use them, lovely sweet scent excellent energies :-)

"I don’t want to alarm you Duncan, but the alien is right outside the door."

I’m pretty sure he knows that already Kim, HEHEHE

Those lockers sure are roomy compared to the ones in game eh? Imagine trying to fit two in there! No one would survive ever.

Shirt symbol tutorial!

Some people have comented on how i can paint symbols real nice on shirts so i made a tutorial! I am painting the hero of space on a shirt for a friend, but im pretty sure you can apply this to other things…
Step one, gather supplies

Youll need
A shirt
A printer to print out your symbol (to the desired size)
Fabric paint
An xacto knife to cut out your symbol (you can use scissors but it will be much harder)
Some cardboard from like a cereal box
And a brush
Step two, print out your symbol
Step three, cut out symbol and tape it to your shirt
This is simple, use your knife to cut out the areas that will be painted and tape the paper to your shirt
Step four, paint!

I used slick by Tulip but im sure others will work fine.

Use one hand to hold the sheet steady, and use the other hand to apply the paint.
Step five, let dry and worship your glorious creation!

Its that simple!
Aaaaaand thats it so if ya have any questions just message me!

sophie said ryan finn should be dannys medic who keeps his secrets and stuff and i was all over that like you wouldnt beLIEVE

so with chrissys blessing, here we have space au ryan finn, extraterrestrial enthusiast

but because of the uniform he cant have stupid mismatched outfits so i compromised by saying hes got dyed hair and an office full of alien themed nicknacks and clippings and stuff (haiju said maybe hes done shady dealings with freakshow to get his hands on precious halpha artifacts and then he somehow ends up in jail for a bit. maybe HES the one who blabs about freakshows secret operation lol)


ive been deliberating about technus and valerie space au design concepts for weeks now… sorry i havent actually posted anything about them yet so heres an apology sketch dump

technus is a cinder that lives on terra ii, who hooks val up with tech after she leaves space corps. debating whether or not to have her just steal her sc uniform (or like, some type of specialized training uniform???) and change the colors or if she just gets a new one from somewhere else. like a jumpsuit outlet lol.

anyway more on valerie and technus later but heres what ive got so far

Ok but Spock and Kirk adopt a little girl but when she’s young and in school they realize something isn’t quite right. They learn that she had dyslexia and Jim’s really nervous because he knows that Spock is typically impatient when people don’t understand what he tries to explain or slow at comprehending. And he tells Spock that she requires a lot of patience and support from them.

Jim spends a lot of time working with their daughter while Spock goes about doing other things. He hires a tutor and makes sure she’s getting attention in class. One day, though, when he gets home late from work at the Academy. Spock and their daughter are sitting at the kitchen table, Spock encouraging her while she reads a story for class. She reads slowly, struggling with words that Spock helps her sound out. When she finishes, he praises her.

Jim is filled with both pride and shame for doubting Spock.

Little Box / Self care box

I was discussing with princessjellyfishie and she suggested I made a Little box because I wanted to explore more my little side. Since I also wanted to make a Self care box I decided to mix the two!

Little stuff to put in my Little box :
-Coloring picture
-Colored Pencil
-Teddy bear
-Baby’s bottle
-Sippy cup
-Candy / chocolate
-Bath / shower items
-Nintendo DS
-Juice boxes
-Hair / facial mask

-Self care jar : 

*Encouragement from Sensei (Daisaku Ikeda)
*Cool quotes
*DIY ideas
*Recipe ideas
"Build a blanket fort"
"Films/series ideas
"get a mani-pedi"
"Full body strech*
"Drink a cup of water*
"put on new nail polish*
"hair / facial mask"

I might add things and I will post a photo when the box will be filled enough!