Saturn’s Northern & Southern hemispheres

The dramatic appearance of Saturn stems mainly from the spectacular rings. The atmosphere looks much less dramatic. The clouds of Saturn are much less colorful than those of Jupiter. This is because the composition of Saturn’s atmosphere includes more sulfur. This adds to Saturn’s overall yellow appearance. When you look closely, however, Saturn’s atmosphere is just as fierce as that of Jupiter!

The atmosphere of Saturn, like Jupiter, is only a narrow region, compared to the vast interior of Saturn. The three cloud decks of Saturn are to be found mostly low in the atmosphere, while hazes of smog can be found higher up.

Motions in the cloud patterns indicate that, like Jupiter, the basic weather of Saturn can be described as a striped pattern of winds.

Image Credit: Gordan Ugarkovic

Stunning southern night sky in Ofu Island in the National Park of American Samoa! They get a brighter, richer view of the Milky Way in the Southern Hemisphere due to the location on the globe. This is the only national park found in the Southern Hemisphere.

Photo: National Park Service