• Tumblr:This show is a little problematic...
  • Tumblr:... *responds by telling children and young teens to kill themselves and spamming gore* We are doing gods work. so glad we are able to judge on behalf the entire Jewish community and destroy a bunch of children's innocent fun that usually has nothing to do with the problematic parts because we are perfect and anyone who has ever liked something with problematic parts is horrible

His greatest comfort was in hugging his torment; and in feeling, as he had indeed said to her, that though she might despise him, contemn him, treat him with her proud sovereign indifference, he did not change one whit. She could not make him change. He loved her, and would love her; and defy her, and this miserable bodily pain.

'I think I'm more proud of The Hollow Crown than anything I’ve ever done’

I hate the idea that if you critique something you must hate it

But if you say you liked parts of something or saw improvement youre a stan who thinks it shits gold and is perfect

Like I can like this thing and still think parts of it are imperfect and be vocal about both parts of how I view it, thank you very much.


Unframed – JR  at  Ellis Island

French artist JR is currently working on a new piece in Ellis Island’s historic south side buildings as part of an upcoming exhibition entitled ‘Unframed – Ellis Island’ that will be shown on public tours organized by Save Ellis Island in October.
The artist applies life size historic photographs of Ellis Island immigrants on 16 or more selected interior walls on the south side of Ellis Island. With the project JR aims to evoke a sense of time and place by raising awareness for the human lives that were touched by their time at Ellis Island. For more check JR’s Instagram and buy your ticket to the tour here.


“Come! Poor little heart! Be cheery and brave. We’ll be a great deal to one another, if we are thrown off and left desolate.” 


Atla and LoK Influential Nationalities Part 3: “New Team Avatar”
Earth Kingdom influenced by Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures
Fire Nation influenced byChinese, Indonesian, South, Southeast, and East Asian cultures
Water Tribe influenced byNative American, Yupic, and Sirenik Eskimo cultures 
Air Nomads influenced by Indian and Tibetan cultures

Korra – Elizabeth Frances(Native American)
Asami –
Mako –
Dennis Joseph O’Neil(South Korean)
Bolin –
Steven Yeun(South Korean)
Lin –
Random tough looking Japanese business woman 

Part 1: “The Gaang” 
Part 2: “Extended Gaang + Everyone’s Favorite Wacky Kid Sister”
Part 4: “Air-babies” 
Part 5: “Air-babies and Kataang babies Continued” 
Part 6: “Republic City Goers” 
Part 7: “The Beifong Clan”
Part 8: “Others…”

*This is not a casting post. These aren’t “the people” for “the role”, they’re just people who are based on what their nation was influenced by.