Sophie Matisse

so the great-granddaughter of Henri Matisse and step-grandchild of Marcel Duchamp is also a painter and her name is Sophie Matisse. I’m not a big fan of her work, but the paintings in the series “Back in Five Minutes” is interesting. She paints some famous/old classic paintings without the figures present. It sets a whole different dramatic mood for the paintings, especially in Nighthawks and the conversation. "The conversation" is a different painting without the figures, which further shows the brilliance of Henri Matisse 

Project 1: Process


A quick baby rendering. 

This rendering was created from making an “architectural model” in which it is constructed on how I perceive the based off the perspective. It’s proportions are a bit off, and some things are a bit too meaty, but the 2D became 3D (then 2D again) from just guessing how much space there is and speculating how it really is.


A quick screenshot of the model that this was created from.