Corpse Party Blood Drive Ad

Had this for awhile but kept pushing back the clean-up on this one for other things. Corpse Party is one of my favorite survival horror series. I hope this one doesn’t take years to localize like the prior entries. This ad was given out by retailers to promote Blood Drive and features an interview with Maaya Uchida who sentai fans may recognize from Akibaranger

Anyways, I figured now was the perfect time to upload this set, enjoy! Happy Halloween from Japan!

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It was really fucking hard tracking down some of my Phoenix Wright collection.

I had every game.

Now I only have the one that’s on my SD card…..it was hard to find Hotel Dusk….he sold more of my PS2 games too.

My brother has sold over 40 of my games. Because he’s a pathetic drug addict and will sell things someone has been collecting for over a decade for a cheap high. Every time I look at my DS I get upset. I can’t even continue to talk about what else he did.