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Oh look, it’s THIS thread again.

In honor of everyone in the Sonic fandom that’s had people shitting on their favorite character, show, couple, game, ect.

If you’ve been in the fandom long enough that you see the same argument over and over and over again, next time you need to defend your fav, open up with one of these and summarize the points you’ve stated 500 times before.

More will be added under the cut upon request [ending never].

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anonymous asked:

was sonic from something other than a video game series? I dont know anything at all about sonic pls explain

it stemmed from the games on the genesis but theres like 4 animes for it here let me ramble about them to you

  • sonic x is probably the best.i loved it as a kid and i still love it but the 4kids dub is fuckin awful and one of the main characters is an annoying kid named chris who is totally. useless to the plot eveyrone hated him
  •  i never watched satam so i dont rly have any comment. it doesn’t have amy in it so i automatically care like 75% less
  • theres also sonic underground which i watched like a couple episodes of and. its bad. its really bad.
  • also theres the adventures of sonic the hedgehog which is like a cartoon for rly young kids so its pretty ridiculous and silly but i love it bcause i loved it as a kid a lot. i still have some episodes on vhs
  •  theres also the sonic ova (a feature length anime sonic movie from like the 80s so its in classic sonic style. it resembles the cutscenes from sonic cd) which is lITERALLY ONE OF MY FAVE MOVIES IT I S SO GOOD pls wathc it when u get the chance heres the fucken link

also theres the archie comics of which i have read literally none so i have nothing to say abt them but if you wanna check them out go ahead

The signs as memes

The signs as memes

Aries: 2010 rage face
Taurus: cereal guy
Gemini: condescending wonka
Cancer: that god forsaken dress
Leo: anything guy fieri honestly
Virgo: shrek x sonic
Libra: crave that mineral
Scorpio: you don’t say nic cage
Sagittarius: sad frog
Capricorn: like a sir
Aquarius: middle aged mom memes
Pisces: left shark


I use to have a lot of mixed feelings about this scene here in Sonic X episode 51 “Chris’ Long Journey” (“Friends ‘till The End”) and after watching the Japanese version I kinda have a new perspective. Yes, some of the scenes in the episode Chris does show a lot immaturity but let’s just think about it for a sec. If you adore Sonic like any other person and got the opportunity to meet him and become friends with him it would be heartbreaking to say goodbye. Quite frankly, I would want to go with him rather than keep him on Earth. 

Also can we just talk about the last gif??? That look literally makes me want to hug him