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Angel Island - Remake 2009
  • Angel Island - Remake 2009
  • Ubergrau

TITLE: Angel Island (Sonic 3) - Remake 2009

ARTIST: Ubergrau

Tonight, we’re doing a little old VS new. To start us off, here’s a well established artist we are all ready familiar with, the same one I promised Tuesday.

This remake of Angel Island Zone Act 2 is electronic with rock elements; in a similar vein to Jun Senoue’s cover. However, before you go thinking it’s too similar, listen all the way through. That serenade-style solo? So good!

Download it here.

-Samurai Echidna


First: I am thinking to reply Questions on this Style because i trully i don’t have time for my Selft and drawn at this Style it’s pretty Fast

Second: Literaly i NEVER GOT SO EXITED FOR A CHAMPION OF LEAGUE OF LEGENDS! NEVER Ekko was a revelation for me, i love Fizz, Teemo, Rumble and Gnar but…. BVOASIOFQUBPIAVOBFOVBAUFSONBJOB EKKO IS FREAKING AWESOME!! if I could play league of legends maybe i could buy him with real Money


anonymous asked:

Why are people saying that DD's hair is black so that's why NR's hair is dyed? DD's hair was light brown in s1&s2. Hair is not a mood ring. It doesn't naturally get darker as your feelings do. So DD's actually dying his hair in the ZA? Either TPTB are stupid (very possible) or it's NR's preference (cash cow demands it). People can't seem to understand that NR opens himself up to criticism w/his ridiculous mid-life crisis bs and that's why he's mocked. Not shipping wank. You with me?

Their logic is so beyond flawed. He was a spry blonde haired, squirrel chucking rapscallion in season 1 and season 2 the hair got a little darker. I assume from all the dirt he rolled around in. Come season 3 was the birth of the emo Sonic the hedgehog do and now he looks like a Portuguese Water Dog with his bangs all up in his face. You can tell from interviews how defensive and pissy NR gets about criticism of his hair. It hits him right in his vanity. No amount of Garnier Almond number 4 will disguise he looks more like Jo from Facts of Life than a redneck hunter that relies on his peripheral vision…