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Sonic Adventure 2 - Sky Rail M3 - 0:20.60

daaaamn, that was smooth! Even got it on my last extra live! The beginning up to the checkpoint is no big deal to get fast, but the ending, getting on the ledge, spindashing up and getting up to the chao without getting killed is quite tough.

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Sonic Adventure 2 HD (PC)

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can you do a boom!sonamy prompt where amy has a really bad injury and keeps on trying to do things around the hub but the guys are like WILL YOU SIT DOWN WOMAN? And so when she home alone she tries doin something an falls or something and then sonic comes in? (is this too self explanetory)

NO. THIS IS PERFECT. and pretty canon too xD

Amy is down and out with a flu, a hurt knee, and an injured back. She’s bundled up on the couch in a darn magenta blanket as the gang walks in after another fight with Egghead.

"How’d it go? -sniff-" She weakly let out, her voice completely changed into a stuffy one, as she really didn’t seem to be doing well, or looking to good either…

"Amy… Doc told you to stay in bed." Tails walked up, hands on his hips, and looking disappointed that she didn’t follow orders.

"You’ll never get better at this rate." Knuckles commented, digging through the cabinet for something to eat.

"You’re one to talk." Tails leered back over his shoulder at him, remembering when Knuckles was sick and wouldn’t stop getting up either.

Knuckles banged his head on the lower cabinet he went to look at and looked up at Tails, “Ow! Hey! That was one time, Tails!” he got up, looking embarrassed and insulted at Tails bringing that up.

Amy laughed before coughing. “I made some fruit salad and biscuits for ya.” she sniffed out.

Knuckles looked excited, and starting looking for them, finding the bowl, “Ye-ha!” he cheered.

"Amy! You cooked?" Tails turned, flinging his arms out to her.

"Well, yeah. I knew you’d come back hungry so-AH-CHOO!!"

Knuckles slowly put the lid back on the fruit salad, realizing she might of sneezed on it too. The look on his face was priceless though, as it seemed to be quite the horrifying thing to him.

Sonic suddenly charged through the door, “YAAAA-HOOO!!” he dashed around before spinning up to Tails. “That was fun! When do we go again huh?” he pounded playfully Tails’s side, pretending to box, as Tails cleared his throat and gestured to Amy.

"…Oh, right." Sonic looked to Amy, "You feeling any better?"

Amy smiled to him, eyes droopy as she was getting sleepy.

"Sonic…" Tails folded his arms, and tapped his fingers slightly.

"Oh.. I mean… why are you out of.. uh, bed?" he looked to Tails, who smiled and nodded, showing him he said the right thing.

"I’m fine guys, really-OW!" Amy tried to stand up, but her back hurt her as the gang worriedly went to her quickly.

"Are you okay!?" Tails freaked out, on the side of her, holding her arm up. "Remember to breathe..!" 

"Did you break your back!? I knew it! You broke your back!" Knuckles was behind her, supporting her upper body as he freaked out, leaning his head back, "Darn it, woman! Why didn’t you just stay down! Don’t be a hero!"

"Amy, hang on! I’ll get you to Doc and-" Sonic was on her other side, looking to the door and ready to do an ‘emergency exit’ dash with her in his arms.

"Oh, boys." Amy giggled, liking the attention but feeling a bit bad. "Really, I’m fine."

"No, you’re going to bed." Tails stated and snapped his fingers. "Come on! Off with you! Knuckles, carry Amy, make sure her back’s hunched as you do so, and Sonic, make some soup for her, something relaxing and calming, I’ll get the water and heat-pad." Tails gave some orders as the boys took off, Amy groaning and sighing, wishing she wasn’t being babied like this…

Later that day, while they ‘kindly’ reminded her to stay in bed, she had gotten up, her knee affecting her walking as she put one hand to the wall, the other holding up her blanket around her, and hunching her back over so it didn’t hurt her. She wobbled slowly down the stairs as she went to do some cleaning, knowing the boys would trash the place in a matter of seconds if everything was left undone.

Her flu had seemed to go away and the pain was minimal from all the laying down she did. She was done reading and felt the little exercise wouldn’t hurt that badly.

She suddenly came to the living room where there was a wide open space, and nothing to hold on too. She had to lean on the wall to walk, so she thought maybe she could crawl, but lowering her back spiked a huge surge of pain, as her eyes shook from it and she leaned up, her back instantly responded with more pain as she let out a cry and fell down, curling up and twitching in pain on the ground.

Sonic had heard something as he was chilling on a tree branch, and hurried back to the hug to find Amy on the ground, in serious pain, groaning in pain. “Amy!!!” he quickly got down with her, and looked her over. “What’s wrong? Why are you out of bed?”

"M..M-my back." she was speaking through small tears, as he felt his pulse skyrocket with adrenaline, feeling the situation turn dangerously bad as he tried to remain calm. "Do we need Doc or do you just need the heating-pad?" he asked.

"H-heat… pad." Amy muttered out.

"Okay. I’m gonna pick you up now, can you hold on?"


"I’m gonna have too, Amy. Just hold on, and try and to bare it for a bit okay?" He reached under her, worried as she let out a cry for him not too but had to get her somewhere.

"O-okay-okay!" he removed his hands, and quickly thought of a plan B… looking around. "Stay still, not to move." he dashed upstairs to get some things, set up the living room couch for her, and went back to her. "Amy, I’m sorry. It’s gonna hurt but it will all be over once I get you to the couch. Just do me a favor, close your eyes, and think of the happiest moments in your life, okay?" he started to put his hands back under her, getting ready to pick her up.

"O..Okay." she was strong, and gritted her teeth together to bare the pain as he hoisted her up in his arms, moving slowly only because if he moved to fast, it could whiplash her and cause more severe injury. She closed her eyes and thought of the meals they all had together, where they laughed, and goofed off. She thought of battles and of helping the villagers, and anything that would put a smile on her face.

"Almost there." he carefully made sure her back was positioned right, and lowered her down on the couch.

"Ah!" Amy flinched, reaching to her knee.

"Oh! Sorry…" Sonic gently moved her knee up on a pillow, and helped her down. "Darn it, Amy… you really gave me a scare there…" he wasn’t lying, his heart was beating so fast with concern, he was really worried she might of broken her back there…

”..I’m… sorry..” she spoke out, looking up to him but having her eyes keep shutting, being weary after all that pain.

"Hey, hey…shhh… just try and not scare me again, okay? Which means no getting up, and just getting better. Deal?" he put his hand to her three quills, shaking them a bit to calm her, as she smiled.

"O-okay…" she slowly fell asleep, tried from the endeavor as Sonic let go of his cool demeanor and leaned back, showing the fear and worry in his eyes as he let out a calming sigh of relief.

He got up and shook himself of the panic and adrenaline, as he seemed to be keeping a watchful eye on her ever since, until she got better, of course. ;)

(there you have it! :D haha! Did you like it?)