Thommy & Thomas Arc of Denial over the past few Months


Dear Easter Bunny, all I want for Christmas is for Thommy to go canon and Thomas to find some love and happiness.

April - August

OMG it has to happen this season! Remember Rob’s uneven numbers theory. There’s gonna be some lovin’ for Thomas this season and is has become pretty stuffy in Jimmy’s closet so time to come out!

Oh look, production images of Thomas looking sickly, tired and sad. Oh, he will be okay, no reason to get worried. And new actors joining! Look, there will be a new footman. Wait, could Jimmy be leaving?! NAAAAAAAAAAH….Haha, must be the Mole leaving then because it can’t be Jimmy since Thommy is totally going canon, hell yeah! :D

Middle of August

OMFG Thomas & Jimmy bromance! You guys, this is it! It’s really going to happen! Aaaah, I am so looking forward to this season, it’s going to be awesome and filled with love and happiness for Thomas. Finally!

Oh wait, there is something about a character we don’t know will stay or leave until the beginning of episode 2. Wait wait. Maybe Jimmy will leave? *panick attack* 

NAAAAAAAAAAH… Thommy is happening this season so it can’t be Jimmy. Maybe Daisy. Or the Mole or Baxter. Right. *nods*

Beginning of September

OMGOMGOMG new trailer will be aired today I am so fucking excited! Will we get glimpses of Thommy? I can’t wait!

Yessss, Thomas the hero! This is so bloody awesome! Me baby! Holy SHIT oh no what I can’t even…. Jimmy in bed with Lady A! FUCK! Nooooooooooo, this is just awful, this will hurt Thomas so much oh fuck no! *breaks something* Okay, calm down, there is an explanation for this, it’s probably unwanted and it will result in Jimmy finally admitting to Thomas that he loves him when he sees how much this hurt Thomas. So this is only the beginning of Thommy. Yes. *nods*

Oh fuck! Wait, Jimmy is caught in bed with Lady A. Oh no, that means he is going to get sacked. Nononono! Aw no, now it all makes sense. The new footman, Ed not being in any of the scenes from later episodes or pics and production images. Oh shit Jimmy is going to leave, raaaaaah! *pants* No. Noooo, wait wait. Thomas will ask Robert to let Jimmy stay. Yes! After all Thomas has just saved Edith’s life so Robert won’t deny him that wish. Hahaha, phew, so Jimmy is not going to leave after all.

Middle of September

I think Jimmy is going to leave. Nah. Oh yes he is. *sobs* Not going to happen. NAAAAAAAAH…

What.. what is this?! Rob says Thomas is going on a physically and emotionally harrowing journey? Because of an event and that leads him to question his sexuality and if he can ever be happy as a gay man? Oh fuck, poor dear Thomas. This is worse than anything I could have imagined. This is the direct opposite of a happy the Thommy storyline I had asked the Easter Bunny for, damnit! And crap, that means Jimmy will definitely leave. Yes, that’s it. Thommy is dead. It’s not going to happen. :((((((( Wait, maybe Jimmy will stay in the village and dig ditches. Or he will return at the end of the season to declare his love for Thomas. Yes, that might happen, I think it is not unlikely that might happen. All those hints about Jimmy couldn’t have been for nothing, right? But what if Ed wants to leave and thus ruined Fellowes’ plans for Thommy endgame? NAAAAAAAAH…

But that thing about Thomas, the painful emotionally and physically harrowing journey? Shit, what if Thomas will try to change his sexuality, like doing some kind of gay-conversion therapy or aversion therapy? He looked so tired, depressed and ill on some of the production pics! NAAAAAAAAAH… it will just be the psychological aspect of it. But what if it is electro-shock therapy?! No, didn’t have that back then. But they had other nasty physical “coversion” therapy methods! Damn that is some fucked up shit! That’s sick! But come on, no, that can’t be it. NAAAAAAAAAH…

2 Days later

Rob just said in an interview that Thomas will try to change his sexual orientation because he no longer wants to be alone. FUCK! My poor baby! Why do all the horrible worst case scenarios come true, why?! What if the physical aspect of Thomas’ journey is some kind of nasty therapy method? Crap, I am so worried right now. o_O And yeah, someone leaving the Abbey will initiate Thomas’ crisis. That’s it for Thommy. I no longer have the denial-power to pretend Jimmy isn’t leaving, fuck my life. 

September 16th

Rob said the event causing Thomas’ crisis will be quite horrifying and traumatic. Oh no, what does that mean now? Is he just referring to the Jimmy/Lady A desaster breaking Thomas’ heart again or maybe Thomas blaming himself for the desaster and Jimmy having to leave or the two parting after a fight or one last painful rejection? Or does he mean Thomas journey as a whole? Daaamnn, now I am really scared! What does this mean? What of something horrifying and traumatic happens to Thomas additionally to the heartbreak over Jimmy leaving? What if he does something to himself or gets drunk in his desperation and then gets gay-bashed or humiliated or rejected or abused or fucking raped in a dark alley or.. or..  OMFG! *whimpers*

Oh come on, calm down you silly goose, that’s absurd, shit like that never happens to Downton characters, especially not the most vulernable ones, NAAAAAAAAAH…

The Maze Runner Movie SPOILERS!

I LOVED IT! I went to the first airing available and I’m going back on Saturday for seconds. It was THAT good!

I loved all the changes they made (Alby dying saving Chuck instead of in some suicidal rage; Thomas stabbing himself instead of jumping on a griever like a looney; the griever hole etc.) and the added stuff, too (the bonfire).

On a shallow note, I spent the movie crooning, “So pretty!” in my head every time Dylan O’Brien appeared on the big screen. He looked frickin’ AMAZING!

I loved all the details they explained, like Gally’s motivation, that they all worked together before they ended in the maze, that Thomas was the creators’ favorite…

The soundtrack? FRICKIN’ FANTASTIC! Wow, just… wow! And the special effects were perfect, literally. The movie looked like a 200 mil. feature rather than a 34 mil. film.

I also loved that you really could sum up the movie as “Thomas does what Thomas wants.” LOL!

raise your hand if you think each band member is equally as important and talented