Kiss The Girl SoMa Fanfic

So yeah, I don’t know what exactly possessed me to do this, (total lie, it was my binge-listening to the Litter Mermaid soundtrack), but nevertheless, here is my Kiss The Girl SoMa AU. yes it is a songfic, don’t hate too much

Thanks to stillestofwords for encouraging me to write this!


He didn’t know how he had found himself in this situation. The day before he stumbled upon a beautiful girl, long blonde hair and the greenest eyes he had ever seen. For some reason, he was captivated by her; she reminded him of the girl who rescued him from the shipwreck. However, there was one problem- this girl could not speak at all. It saddened him; she was so intriguing and he just wanted a conversation with her. The whole no voice thing was seriously a drag though since he hated talking. But the way her eyes would light up when he would talk and how animated she would get from the smallest of things made his heart swell with joy and a feeling that was unknown to him.

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Aaah I don’t like the final result, but i hope you get feels anyway, that’s the point of this whole thing! So much fluff here, daddy!Soul is just asjdfjksdfhkajs <3 

Part 4 (the last one) will be up when i finish commissions. It seems like this ends like this, doesn’t it? But aren’t we forgetting something? I’ll leave it there~

Part 1 || Part 2


@persistentplutonium:#imagine her waking soul and maka up in the middle of the night because she cant remember what her arm looks like#all the destroyed sheets from accidental shifts#torn winter gloves#i didnt mean toos#the perks of being a weapon

This is a crappy little sequel of THIS. I read those tags and I couldn’t help myself. I had to. 

Who forgets what their arm looks like anyway? Just look at your left one Soma you little shit.