Chef (2014) - dir. Jon Favreau

Favreau assembles an unnecessary all-star cast to bring us a rather predictable feel-good story. But also, Favreau brings his big-budget mindset and really lets his idea come to full fruition. Chef is much more than just a feel-good film, it’s a celebration of human spirit and American cuisine. Favreau really lets his heart shine, here, and we should be thankful that talented folks like Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman and Robert Downey Jr. can recognize the greatness in their friend’s work.

I’m not saying Chef will hold up well over time (it’s a little too in-the-now for that, though all the tweeting was excellently portrayed), and I’m not saying it’s a groundbreaking film. What I am saying is that Favreau has showed us time and time again that he is capable of delivering on his promises. Chef has already been wiped from most folks’ minds, and here we are in the midst of awards season, but we need to continue to champion these small successes, Chef is brilliant on its own terms.


post-revue: Bobby Canavale is one of my favorite current actors.

post-post-revue: They put this on Netflix Instant in the beginning of February. I’m not sure when this will leave queue-land and post, but if you haven’t seen it yet do it. It won’t wow you. You won’t rush to re-watch it. But it’s a well-made feel-good film, and those are so rare.