MET Gala & ‘Chanel’-ing Success

A few things I learnt about the MET Gala.

- It is all about fashion
- It is about promoting the label/designer
- It is all about being seen, being talked about and a high visibility publicity event (albeit all in the name of charity)

A few things I have concluded from reading about it:

- I now know who Christopher Kane is. A young upcoming Scottish fashion designer based in London, who designed a dress with lots of hands and legs and at least a penis or two worn by this aspiring fashionista wannabe, hardly there recording ‘artiste’, trying to break into the complicated and competitive word of music, fashion and entertainment industry. (Side note: if one is REALLY talented, it shouldn’t be too hard to sell).

- I now know Robert Pattinson attended his first ever MET gala, wearing Dior (who has paid him 8 million a year contract) just like his fellow industry mate Jennifer Lawrence was there to promote Dior, plus countless others who showed up with either their designers or endorsing a brand

- I now know the melding of a high tabloid value actor with an upcoming performing artiste can have many positive economic effects brought on by intensive media scrutiny.

- I now know that a few targets have been met. This aspiring fashionista/performing artiste has achieved the objective of getting hordes of followers and invested people to talk about her public romance, her art and her fashion. She once said ‘hate me or love me, just talk about me’ and her stance in her arts is always about evoking a reaction. Using her sex appeal and sensual music/dance, packaged with a high visibility and high tabloid value ‘boyfriend/fiancé she has got that in spades. I hope the money starts flowing in soon.

- I  now know that IF I were a normal person just skimming the entertainment news headline I will no longer equate Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together, neither with any past cheating scandals, nor with any possible current connections because this tabloid couple have ‘appeared’ to be with different respective partners, declared their sexual orientations and embracing their tabloid led ‘private lives’. Everyone seems to have a happy ending.

BUT I am not this normal person. I am a Robert and Kristen supporter who have watched all their movies, and interviews, and maybe all reviews, occasionally skimmed through the tabloids’ headlines and participated in public forums talking about their movies and private lives. I have also followed and witnessed how the media have exploited this young couple right at the beginning. 

I believe Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still married and have a one year old daughter not solely based on theories of bloggers and fans’ conspiracy theories. Obviously not from what the media wants to tell me, but from people who have met them in person, who have known them in real lives, and heard the words they have spoken (with or without intention to inform and sometimes a slip of a tongue), most importantly from people who have NOTHING to gain from saying the truth that they are married and have a child. 

I don’t know how it will all end, how they are going to reconcile this truth I believe in, with the stories they are selling. I don’t know them personally. Many people laughed at this delusional bunch of people in marriage/baby conspiracy ‘theory’. And mocked that ‘if I were Rob/Kristen…….I wouldn’t…..I would never….’ etc , have gloated and taunted us as being lied to. 

The simple fact is you ARE NOT Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart. You will never be them or be put in the same situation as them. You will never live and go through life as a product to people’s imagination and media manipulation. Many people wonder why they want to lie and cover up this truth. Well simply because they have NOTHING to gain from us knowing the truth, and everything to lose because they are subjecting their REAL private lives to be monetised upon. Thanks to overly invested people like me who follow their every move and action and am hungry for any information regarding this couple. 

Here’s my favourite couple from a night of fashion and glamour in the public eyes.

Enjoy the smirks, they are running the show of their public live stories, for once. 

( )

P.S I am loving the fact that Anna Wintour wore Chanel. Speaks volume to Karl Lagerfeld.

This Photographer Helps Document Childbirth in Real Time on Instagram

Posting live updates of special events to services such as Twitter and Instagram is a pretty common thing these days, but one photographer has chosen a relatively uncommon subject for her real-time Instagram snaps: childbirth.

Kansas City-based photographer Cate DePrisco has been helping clients tell their birth stories in real-time through her Instagram feed. Her service is called Instabirthstory.

Not every expecting mother who hires DePrisco wishes to have their experience broadcast for the world to see, but four of them have so far. In addition to DePrisco’s growing list of followers who just enjoy following along, relatives are able to tune in to DePrisco’s stream of images to get updates as things are happening.

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Coca-Cola Congratulates the Royals

On Saturday 2nd May at 8.23am, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a little baby girl, much to the joy of the nation. The Coca-Cola London Eye lit up with pink, the BT Tower proclaimed “It’s a girl!” and the royal birth was on everyone’s lips. 

Coca-Cola embraced the opportunity to be a part of the Royal Baby discussions by posting an image of the 4 Coca-Cola brands with crowns a top the bottles and the message “Huge congratulations from one family of four to another”. They used the hashtag #RoyalBaby to ensure that the post would be collated under the Royal Baby discussions on Twitter.

The post by Coca-Cola does two jobs. Not only does it make Coca-Cola relevant and present at a time of popular discussion throughout the UK, but it uses the opportunity to further their new strategy to pull the four brands together under one umbrella platform. It does this by presenting them as a “family of four”  whilst at the same time drawing similarities to the Royal Family which, to some, could be interpreted as a superior family. 

Coca-Cola were not the only brand to make the most of the occasion. Brands like Domino’s, Churchill, Argos, M&S, Warburtons and Krispy Kremes all posted on social media. Whilst the Royal Navy gathered troops to spell out ‘Sister’ and took a bird’s eye photograph which they posted on Twitter.


Samsung Smart Play-Board is the latest innovation-project generated by Samsung Maestros Academy, the online training platform launched by Leo Burnett Milan in 2014.

It’s a wooden game-board intended to generate insights on the child’s behavior and preferences, enabling parents and teachers to design a learning path built upon the uniqueness of his/her own potential. Because the earlier a talent is recognized, the better it can be developed.

This is, above all, a chance to generate invaluable data about our individual learning styles and the explosive creative potential of childhood.

Samsung Smart Play-Boards are being tested in select Italian pre-schools, thanks to the scientific endorsement by the Department of Humanities at Macerata University.

The project began with Pietro Rigamonti, a digital artisan attending Samsung Maestros Academy Master’s Degree course at IED – Istituto Europeo di Design, and has been further developed with a team of scientific endorsers.

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Wait. But like, why say no to yourself?

It can be applied to many situations but basically, I think it’s important to be able to set limits and personal bundaries. Sometimes it’s important to be more mature and act like a grown-up, take the time to analyze a situation, let some time pass, instead of “wanting everything right now”. Especially with Generation Y valuing immediacy and self-fulfillment at all costs, idk. It’s about learning that you don’t always get what you want and that’s not such a bad thing after all. (another thing is that some people act selfishly and only think for themselves without caring much about the effects on others). More prosaically : if you have to study for an exam, you have to say no to yourself and not watch “The Big Bang Theory” last episode ; or don’t buy another pair of jeans when you already have 10 pairs in your closet :p But don’t worry I’m not saying either it’s a bad thing to act “in the flesh” (I do that too believe me, and way too much haha), but when you’ve learnt to say no to yourself, you enjoy it a lot more when you treat yourself! Here are some articles if you are interested Instant Gratification Is The Downfall of Generation Y and Saying no to Tourself xx