Calvin Harris Adorably Supports Taylor Swift On Twitter And It’s Beautiful

It seems like we can all agree by now that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are maybe, probably, definitely a couple.

A HELLA cute couple.

They’ve been spotted all over the country looking adorable in matching outfits, supporting each other at award shows, and cheering each other on at their concerts.

But the cutest part of their relationship is definitely how damn proud Calvin Harris is to be dating Taylor Swift — which, duh.

He’s a smart man.

Let’s examine the evidence.

He favorited this tweet celebrating her trillions of Billboard Award nominations:

Faved these beautiful words Mariska Hargitay wrote about Swift:

Was psyched for her when she broke the damn VEVO 24 hour record and favorited this tweet:

Was hella proud when Forbes named her the youngest woman on their Power Women list and faved this:

And basically recognized how damn lucky he was to be dating the current queen of the universe by faving this adorable tweet:

And obviously Swift returned the Twitter love by favoriting this proud tweet about his Billboard win:

And even faving this tweet acknowledging that their love is REAL:


♬ It’s a Twitter love story, baby, just say yes. ♬

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10 Swimsuits that Scream Va-Va-Voom

What are you wearing this summer?

You heard us: we’ve pulled 10 of the sexiest, hottest and most popular swimsuits in our round-up below so that you can see what to wear for summer 2015. 

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Zip Long Line Triangle Top

Nasty Gal Caged Chaos Bikini Set

LA Hearts Ladder Back Floral Bralette Bikini Top

ASOS High Waist Deep Plunge Swimsuit

Jessica Simpson Plus Size Crocheted-Illuson One-Piece Swimsuit

The Maillot-V Swimsuit

Mara Hoffman Horizon Bottoms

The Itsy

Field Trip Cut Out Swimsuit

Lee + Lani The Bora Bora Swimsuit

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Shadowhunters Cast Social Media Accounts

Someone sent me an ask for this so here it is :)

Dominic Sherwood: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Katherine McNamara: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Alberto Rosende: Twitter | Instagram |Facebook

Emeraude Toubia: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Matthew Daddario: Twitter | Instagram

Harry Shum Jr: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Snapchat: harryshumjr

Maxim Roy: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Alan Van Sprang: Twitter | Instagram 

Isaiah Mustafa: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Vanessa Matsui: Twitter | Instagram

Sofia Wells: Twitter | Instagram 

Mouna Traoré: Twitter

I’ll add to/edit this if I find more or things change.

If you find any others, let me know! 

Happy Birthday, Gradient Lair: Three Years Old!

This month marks the third year of my personal writing, womanist commentary/analysis, and content curation with my blog Gradient Lair. Thank you for being thoughtful, respectful and supportive of my personal space. It is still a one-person, ad-free, personal blog on the Tumblr platform/social network. (If you want to financially support Gradient Lair, click here!)

I have been through a lot (some wonderful, a lot good, an incredible amount of really really bad) using social media primarily since 2006 (if I exclude AOL/message board days in the late 90s in undergrad), writing online in general since 2008 and having this space since 2012. In 2012 I expected maybe 100 readers, which would have been totally fine with me, if you know me. As of now, there are 21,400+ subscribers and way more readers than that; hundreds of thousands of page hits monthly, 50-100K+ notes monthly, 30-50+ college IP address hits per day, and personal Twitter (@thetrudz)/blog Twitter (@GradientLair) retweet/mentions reach and impressions in the tens of millions per month. It’s a lot; being an introvert and someone not big into hypervisibility (as in *shivering* terrified of hypervisibility; exhausted by plagiarism and other exploitation), it is a lot to take in

However, who I want to focus on right now are the wonderful Black women–who I primarily write to/for (other than for myself; again a personal space)–who have reached out to me in friendship and sisterhood. I thank you and appreciate you. You’re beautiful, kind and wonderful. Also to other people who are respectful of the purpose and intent of the space but still engage kindly, thank you. It’s good to know you online, and some of you I’ve met offline.

I can’t say that I always thought that I would make it to year 3 of this space (or at times life itself) because of what I’ve been through online (and offline), which you are well aware of if you’ve read here for a while. But alas, I am here, in body and life, and still with this space too. Now, some changes are pending; I’ll explain this summer. It’ll be okay though; I promise.

To keep this space going–the emotional/intellectual labor it takes and the time–as well as general support or gift, I do have a DONATE page and I need and appreciate that. You can give a one-time donation or sign up for monthly recurring donation, if affordable. (If not, I still thank you for the verbal encouragement and support.)

Take care. ❤

Let’s get Grant and Candice nominated for Teen Choice Awards!

We’re doing well so far, but please tweet as much as you possibly can between now and June 2nd at 12pm pacific. Format your tweets similar to “@TeenChoice My #ChoiceTVChemistry nominees are Barry and Iris (@grantgust @candicekp)”

You can make a new twitter account to vote more if you’d like, and you can also vote for Candice as #ChoiceSciFiTVActress if you’d like. Just make sure you get the hashtags right, because that’s what counts towards the nominations. Check for the correct hashtags!


[plain text/screen reader version here]

We are happy to announce that Briar Nexus’s second fundraising campaign is now live!

Briar Nexus is a site aiming to creating a safe and welcoming place for people of all ages, genders, sexualities, religions, races and lifestyles to enjoy. The Nexus will not have ads, but this means it needs your help!

Read more and donate here, or keep up with our development by following our Tumblr blog, Facebook page, or Twitter page! And remember, the only way we can get online is by spreading the word - reblogs, shares and retweets are a whole lot of help! Any questions or concerns can be directed to our Tumblr ask or to !


I’ve always thought it was a little disturbing how some people do things solely for attention. Some people feel the need to post their every move on social media and then feel some type of way when people don’t care. Then people assume that the people who don’t post their every move have no life. Everybody has a life. Things like graduating from high school, college, going to work/making money are things that you’re SUPPOSED to do. What, do you want a cookie for graduating and making something of yourself? You want a pat on the back for not being a babydaddy or babymomma and staying on the right path? You’re SUPPOSED to knock down obstacles and excel and do great things. Things should never be done for attention because when you seek attention, you never get it.


Episode 4 of the web series DTV has arrived!

Becky talks to students and the Degrassi community to get their thoughts on Tech and Social Media Etiquette.


We now live in a generation where social media is literally everything. Social media is where you post your thoughts, where you expand your business, where you get inspired, create your own brand, and then where you lose your relationships, can potentially become insecure, where you envy, and where it can drive you crazy.

People love attention via social media-both men and women (but not all). Everyone’s objectives are different. It makes you feel accomplished knowing that the attention you get is way higher than your friends, or a celebrities right? Sometimes.

Thing is as a woman who has observed and is related to someone who has broken up relationships, cheated, bought followers, showed her assets for attention, and feels no type of way about it. I get it. I get you sis. I hate to say it, but I have to say it. I put myself in your shoes, and then I went right back into mine. I pray for you all the time, that you will find yourself and happiness.

There are the females that love to post their goods instead of saving it for the bedroom (but that’s not my problem, we live in America, we all have different morals) because of course, “attention”, and you just love your body. But it would be nice for you to understand that once you hit someone’s DM and decide to message a women/man who is in a relationship for attention you have just become a thot. 

You are the epitome of what a mere tho[ugh]t is. You are a thought. You are a thot. You are ugh. You are simply giving a man/woman ideas of what they could do to you, you are causing friction in relationships because it satisfies you, makes you feel good, and you are just ugh. Yes, “Ugh”-what women can’t stand. 

I write this because my sister has caused women pain who thought they could trust their man, and had kids, and more. Men, you need to understand that once you have a good woman, she isn’t crazy for no reason. She’s crazy for you, crazy afraid to lose you, crazy afraid to think that you will diminish all of the good times and “I love yous” for someone that’s just easy. That’s how insecurities happen. It’s not just men, it’s women too. 

It happens everyday, and I had to see it first hand. It’s just unfortunate that some people will “dive into the DMs” just to see if they still have ‘game’ or can get attention still from the ‘baddest’ females or guys even when they’re taken.

Then again, this is just my thoughts.