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Cristiano Ronaldo Quietly Donated Nearly $8 Million Toward Nepal Aid

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo dug into his pockets in support of those affected by the earthquake in Nepal, and he’s asking fans to do the same.

The 30-year-old Portuguese athlete donated 7 million euro, or more than $7.8 million, to relief efforts, according to French outlet So Foot. As The Guardian noted, citing reports out of France, Ronaldo’s gift was given to Save the Children – an international group providing items like food, water and hygiene kits to families in Nepal.

On April 28 – three days after the earthquake struck the South Asian country – Ronaldo posted on his official Facebook page, encouraging followers to give to the organization.

Help the children affected by #NepalQuake by supporting Save the Children’s relief efforts:

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Cristiano Ronaldo


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ronaldo’s gift comes amid a lagging response from international donors, and the current widespread, global need for humanitarian aid is to blame, according to some.

“There are so many other global emergencies [occurring] now,” Rick Brennan, emergency director of the World Heath Organization (WHO) told Reuters. “There is a lot of demand for the humanitarian dollar.”

The United Nations reported last Thursday that just $22.4 million of the $415 million it requested the week prior had been provided to aid efforts.

The earthquake – the worst to hit Nepal in more than 80 years, according to CNN – has killed more than 8,000 people, the country’s National Emergency Operation Center reported.

H/T New York Daily News

The button below indicates how much has been raised on Crowdrise’s “Nepal Earthquake Relief” page. Click to visit the site and donate.

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May 11, 2015 at 09:33PM

Two episodes in and we have not yet been cancelled. Even better, we’ve acquired some remarkable mementoes from our football loving guests. 

Adam Richman left behind us a red, white and blue wristband he wore during Soccer Aid. Yesterday, Brandon McCarthy was gracious enough to gift us a ticket stub to Derek Jeter's penultimate game in pinstripes. He also gave us a personalized New York Yankees hotel room key. It no longer works. Trust us. We’ve tried. 

And yes. Those are Brendan Rodgers' dentures.

Manchester June 2014

It was an early morning on the 8th June myself and my partner got up at stupid o'clock (5am) so that we can get ready and dressed so that we can get dropped off at Kingsway in Cardiff to catch the Megabus which takes us all the way to Manchester in the matter of over five hours.

Just gone 5:40am, we finally setting off to Manchester got out headphones on listening to music from my partner’s iPod and slept for the matter of fifty minutes we got to Bristol city centre at 6:35am and went to the bus stop outside the UWE and left for over an hour going up to Birmingham.  Just gone after 7:30am going past Gloucestershire we had well kind of breakfast on the coach lucky enough we provided cereals and milk for both of us.  

Hour and fifty five minute later, by the time we approached Birmingham I started feeling boiling inside of me, all my word I never felt like it since the last night of being in Isle of Wight as I have to rush outside at the front of the hotel.  Lucky enough my boyfriend was sat next to me and told me to lay down on him so that I can feel the air coming from the air conditioner until it stopped at Hill Street and have to wait for five minutes for it to come back on due to the the passengers coming on the coach.

Two hours and five minutes later, we’re finally made it to Manchester.  By the time we got to out hotel which is only a five minute walk from Piccadilly Gardens we don’t have to check in our room at 2pm so we explored Manchester itself for a couple of hours and my word I never seen so many Metro trains about the city centre (not like we don’t have any back at home in Wales.)  By lunch time we were gonna go to Peachy Keens but then we changed our minds to go to Nando’s for lunch (believe it or not it was my first ever one :3).

Just gone after two o'clock we finally checked into our hotel and we did whatever we like for an hour and a half whilst getting ready for the match.

Just gone before four o'clock, we were all prepared to go to Old Trafford but we done in the Manchester style by going on the Metrolink where it takes us to the exact place we want to go and it was such an experience it was.  By the time we got off the Metro train we made our way to Old Trafford Football stadium and the crowd were all busy as we saw Dermot O'Leary and Kirsty Gallacher pre-recording ready for the programme.

Selfie of us standing outside the stadium itself

By the time we been checked by the security we are finally sat in our seats underneath the shelter (wow, what a great view we have to watch the match) and we have to wait until eight til the kick off before it starts off seeing both of the teams England and Rest of the World whilst they doing their warms up before the match kick off at eight o'clock.

Just before eight o'clock we all stand up for both teams and Katherine Jenkins singing on the pitch until the kick off starts off the football event of the year.

First half of match begins, it was tight within the first few minutes when Jose thought it would be a good idea of tripping Olly Murs up whilst he had a ball (link even though it was fun though. -_- Once the 45 minutes are up it was so tight until it starts all again for the second half.

Finally it starts again the second half as it is getting really interesting as Rest of the World scored the first goal by Clarence Seedorf, followed by Nicky Byrne and lucky enough Jamie Redknapp scored a beauty of the goal ( and followed by Kevin Phillips but it wasn’t enough in the last few minutes as Clarence Seedorf scored 4 to Rest of the World.  The end of the match England sadly lost to Rest of the World by 4-2 and it was such a great experience I had from football played by celebrities.


Football experience *****

Travel on coach ***

Hotel and comfort of room *****