A place to crash for 3-4 weeks NYC

I am a non passable transwoman who is looking for a place to crash in NYC. I got kicked out of my house today. Im starting a job as a chef this week. I ask for 3-4 weeks is so I can save enough money to get a place to stay on a more perm. basis. Anyone that can help or knows someone who can, this is my email giselle.jasmine@aol.com or text me at 347 634 6610. Please help me I would thank you greatly/

The signs sober at a party (while everyone around them is drunk)

Aries: acts drunk to fit in

Taurus: checks watch every two minutes

Gemini: SOBER BEER PONG (or i guess you could say… sobeer pong)

Cancer: asks drunk people a ton of questions to see their drunken answers

Leo: takes water shots instead of alcohol shots

Virgo: mothers everyone (hun, I think you’ve had enough; no, you’re too drunk to drive, give me the keys; here, drink some water)

Libra: sits there on their phone the entire time

Scorpio: films people drunk and uses it as blackmail

Sagittarius: eats all the food. Leaves nothing for the intoxicated humans around them

Capricorn: staring out the window thinking how much they want to be drunk right now

Aquarius: why the fuck would they be sober at a party

Pisces: plays pranks on everyone