((Sober - Hey guys!  Just… wow!  Seriously… wow!  I posted that drabble prompt earlier today thinking no one was on and I got a bunch of responses.  Fucking thank you!  Honestly you fuckers, THANK YOU!  I wanted to let you know that I already have a bunch of ideas spinning around in my head and I am anxious to start working on them.  I plan to work on them during the weekend while I have down time.  Stay tuned, yo!  I promise to get to all of them as soon as I can.  Again, to all my followers, THANK YOU!!!))

This is the face of a recovering heroin addict. I’m not a bum who lives under a bridge, I’m not a toothless, uneducated, barbaric male who will steal your purse. I’m from an upper class home in a suburban community. I was an emotionally troubled kid who found refuge in drowning my feelings with what seemed to be a cheap cost with no consequences. Addicts are usually not bad people, they are good people who found the wrong way to deal with problems in their life and got stuck in the riptide of the disease.