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now that it’s plainly obvious how Dirk takes his men i can’t stop thinking about ridiculously domestic arguments about jakes back hair

DIRK: You look like a gorilla.
JAKE: Gorillas are majestic and noble critters

he sheds. its so gross you wouldnt even believe.

"…until Death do us part. And even then, I hope our Heaven lasts forever."

Thomas and Martha’s wedding, january 1, 1772
(after my previous drawing, i wanted to draw something different, cute and romantic with these two and the first saying they look like Belle and the Beast I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you!)

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Yes I’m a fool for you…

Fuck Yeah, Convergent Evolution!

Hello! This is the inaugural post of my new side-blog, Fuck Yeah, Convergent Evolution (FYCE for short)!

Together we are going to go on a crazy-ass adventure through some of the completely fucking awesome body forms, survival strategies, and just generally bad-asseries that have evolved repeatedly and independently across various kingdoms, focussing mainly on the kingdom Animalia (because I don’t know shit about plants and other kingdoms, sorry friends).

Like all good friendships, we will begin with a definition:

Convergent evolution describes the independent evolution of similar features in species of different lineages. Convergent evolution creates analogous structures that have similar form or function, but that were not present in the last common ancestor of those groups.” [x]

Basically it’s the coolest shit ever.

It’s the equivalent of two people inventing the telephone at the same time on opposite sides of the planet, with the only thing they have in common being a spoken language and an inability to yell loud enough to talk to someone a mile away.

But why do we care?

Well, I mean, firstly, look at that little fucker above. See him? Yeah, that’s a lesser hedgehog tenrec, Echinops telfari. I bet you thought it was a hedgehog, right? I mean, look at it. It’s a spiky little motherfucker.

Yeah no it’s more closely related to a fucking manatee than a hedgehog.

Oh, my bad, that should have come with a warning about MINDFUCK.

Yeah well, that’s why you should care. Because this shit will blow your damn mind.

Also because, you know, understanding evolution is critical to understanding life, and understanding life is critical to keep it going, and that’s basically in your best interest.

So not only is convergent evolution badass, but it’s also really important. It tells us a lot about life on this awesome fucking piece of rock we call home.

Also you should care because next time you’re on a date with someone and you run out of stuff to talk about you can be like ‘let me tell you about the tenrec’, and watch as they become progressively more impressed and associate your vast knowledge directly with your sexual prowess.

I’m just sayin’; this shit is the bomb.

So come along on the FYCE adventure! It’s gonna be a WILD ride.

You can already submit shit to the blog where you can talk about a bit of convergence that you find really fucking awesome, or you can ask me to talk about it for you.

Or you can ask about some events of convergence, because that shit stimulates curiosity.

Thanks for following! Brace yourselves for awesome times to come!

introducing a doodle of tumblr user windgods he has perfect pristine colored hair 500% of the time can i marry your hair dude

I was gonna send this to him as a message but it doesn’t have enough characters  to fully convey what I wanna say to this kid and what the hell I’d love to give him some promotion. 

-First Part is why Youtubers are important to today’s world-

-second part is therefore why I think it is important for AndrewQuo to get that kind of exposure-

So sort of recently AndrewQuo has become a youtuber i watch regularly and I always am sure to like and reblog his videos . This is something really important for internet creators to get exposure and he’s someone I consistently want to see more of.  I’ve been watching the Youtube community blossom since it first started and to me all these upstart youtubers are so important. With youtube hitting the mainstream media more and more I’m really thankful to the big Tubers we have and to these upstart who are continuing this trend of open self-made celebrities for young people offering all kinds of honesty about life in a way you can’t find anywhere else. And to also show people that you can be self-made and you can get the opportunity to share your light,creativity,happiness, humor WHATEVER with the world and the masses will listen if you just try and keep at it and improving. Youtubers are really important because they do have a big hand now a days in guiding this new generation who get most of their media from the internet. Which to them I’m sure it doesn’t seem like it when they’re just making videos that they are happy with putting out in the public eye to show their creativity and thoughts and ideals. The Youtubers that get picked up are usually genuine people with ideals and opinions that is helping shape the community into kinder, more thoughtful and accepting people , who after being inspired by these guys , make a video and continue the trend of this open discussion about the world around us and things we really want and need to know about it and each other.

AndrewQuo is someone I can see becoming one of the big timers and is someone I’d really like to see get up there with names like SuperWoman, Kingsley, Tyler Oakley, Jenna Marbles, (just to name a small few of my personal favs)  He has all the right elements of a popular youtuber ,such as charisma, genuine funny videos about relatable topics, dashing good looks , the right touch of quirkiness, proper editing techniques and stylistic choices, clever hooks, great background music choices, accessibility to his fans, and consistent uploads. My personal favorite trait of his videos is despite that I’ve picked up on his hook technique, every single time I click on his videos there’s that little bit of hesitancy about what is about to said about this certain topic and then he melts my heart and I leave the video thinking “This is a great kid. This is the type of person I want to meet and be freinds with and share ideals with.”

AndrewQuo definitely has a fanbase but I could definitely see the day where almost everything he puts out reaches at least the hundred thousands with his really popular vlogs hitting the millions. AndrewQuo is someone I really hope gets there to be another one of those major youtube role-models (I understand that’s a BIG word but I don’t mean it in the way in which he or any other big youtuber is pressured to be anything they aren’t or the most polished versions of themselves at all times, I mean it in a way where they continue to be completely themselves in a way that engages audiences and continues to help push their positivity out into the world) Which is why I’d like to see him continue this and push it further and I’d like my followers to check him out. I feel like he’s just that one idea, that one video away from being mega viral and part of the youtube famous . I feel like now is a great time to jump on this train and be a part of making something really cool and you’ll have a great time watching his videos so yeah.

Find him on Youtube and tumblr @ AndrewQuo

The thing that makes Sigyn dangerous isn’t that she’s violent or cruel; it’s that she could be, and chooses to be gentle instead. In a world where everyone is always expecting harshness and punishment, receiving kindness and empathy in their place not only surprises people, but draws them to you. It wins love as well as loyalty—and there’s nothing more powerful than someone who has the love and loyalty of so many people who were likely used to nothing but cruelty and rejection before they met her.