Milk Mask for Softer, Whiter Skin :


This is not a processional tutorial, this is what I do at home when I am bored and my skin is looking bad. I used to do this mask once every week ~ My skin is normal skin. I do not know what would happen if you apply this mask to skin with acne or oily skin or dry skin or sensitive skin. 

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Okay I don’t know if I’m right correct me if I’m wrong

Snows stepmother is Regina that I understand. Regina’s mother is Cora. And Cora dated Rumblesticks.

Snow and charming had a child which is Emma. Emma has a child with Neal who is Henry.

Neal’s father is Rumblesticks and rumbles father is Peter Pan.
But if hook is peters step grandfather doesn’t that mean Peter is his son?

Another wired call is that hook can be Henry’s step father……..

Tesline(Teslo x Frostine)

Frostine has a crush on Teslo, and it turns out Teslo shares the same feelings. Teslo would do anything, I mean ANYTHING, to protect Frostine. Often times, Teslo, Volectro and Zaptor will max to keep her safe, if the situation is that terrible. Frostine often gets teased by her fellow Snowites(Freezy and Snowey) about her crush.


My Mixel Tribes

First, I will start with the Snowites, my main tribe.

The Snowites are a snow based tribe. They all have the ability to summon ice crystals and shoot snow from their hands. Their cubits are white and gray. They live in the mountains that’s covered with snow. They are next to where the Electroids live. Frostine(left) is a shy mixel who looks like Krader. Despite being shy, though, she can lose her temper. She has a crush on Teslo. She uses her big hand to punch Nixels away. Freezy(middle) is the leader of The Snowites. She is often cocky and happy. She’s a childish leader. She doesn’t like Flain that much. No one knows why. Snowey(right) is the aggressive one of the group. She is often sarcastic and rude to other Mixels, but she will help them when they need it. She likes Zorch, but never shows it.

Next, I will tell you about The Emeralds. The Emeralds are a emerald-type tribe. They all like like to throw HUGE Emeralds at the nixels. Their cubits are green and pink.  They live in beautiful, grassy fields covered with emeralds. Jewel(left) is the ditzy and silly Mixel. She screams a lot, annoying her tribe mates. She has a crush on Volectro. Emergo(middle) is the leader.  Emergo is mostly always happy and energetic. She has a crush on Magnifo.  Celestia(right) resembles Teslo, but unlike Teslo, she can be dumb and not very serious.

Next up, Diamondcons.

The Diamondcons are a diamond-type tribe. They all have crystals pointing out of the heads. These crystals are very bright and they use them to blind Nixels. Their cubits are blue and purple. They live in blue fields covered with Diamonds. Diamondis(left) is a very nice Mixel who has a love for throwing diamonds. Sometimes, she accidentally hits other Mixels with them. She has a crush on Vulk. She looks like Volectro. Diamondo(middle) is the leader. He is very, very strong(despite his skinny body) and athletic. Shiny(right) is a hyperactive who acts like a monkey. He has his tail, which he uses to hang upside down on trees. He looks like Flain.

Now the Dubsteppers.

The Dubsteppers are a tribe, who make dubstep music. They use their dubstep music at parties. Their cubits are orange and brown. They live in a speaker. Muismo(left) is another shy mixel(even more shyer than Frostine), she often uses the synthesizer in their songs. She looks like Seismo, Disco(middle) is the leader. She looks like Krader, she is the serious one in the group. She is the singer in some of their songs. She has a crush on Zaptor, Techno(right) is a mixel in the tribe who is not very talkative. She looks like Scorpi. Scorpi has a crush on her.

Now for my favorite tribe, Butterfly Gang.

They Butterfly Gang are butterfly-type Mixels. The Butterfly Gang are beautiful. Their cubits are yellow and purple. They live in a very breezy place. Gemini(left) is a Mixel with multiple personality disorder. She has an evil side and a good side. She tries to hide this. Butter(middle) is the leader. Despite being the leader though, she is not very smart. She is the shortest of the Butterfly Gang. Sally(right) is a prankster. She is very mischievous and often gets into trouble. She can fly really fast.

Finally, the Rubylites. 

The Rubylites are a ruby-type tribe.  The Rubylites  are a silly like tribe. Their cubits are red and pink. They live in a place that is all red with Rubies laying everywhere. Titamis(left) is another prankster mixel. He is Zorch’s best friend and looks like Snowey. He often loses his patience with Clumsy. Redey(middle) is a shy leader. He’s not very tough and is afraid of heights like Teslo. Clumsy(middle) is a clumsy Mixel, as his name states. He has a hard time doing stuff without falling or knocking things over. He’s not a very happy Mixel.