The Snowboarder Crow


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B/W challenge, Day 4. A fave of a bright great human. This is one of my fave shots. @colleenquigley shaping up a hit…I’m sure @ben.bishop is around here somewhere, bout to film this! Have at it bishop, let’s see your black and whites! #jonathanherrephotography #JHP #k2 #snowboarding


Tuesday’s Tool’s of the Trade - Snowboarding

This year will be 20 years that I have been riding thirtytwo boots. When they first hit the scene, they were the coolest company out there. Founded by ex-pro skateboarder, Pierre-André Senizergues, who also founded emerica and etnies, they popped on the scene with a cool skate influence and vibe.  Back then Peter Line even rode for them!  He was pretty much my hero so I exclusively rode his boots even though they didn’t fit well and were way too big for my slender women’s feet, but man did they look cool! I was really lucky to be the only female on the team in the early years and when they decided to start offering women boots I got to be involved in the design and development on their first women boot, the Griffon. These are the very first Griffons circa 1998, I styled them after a pair of Nike shoes I liked. Over the years I continued to design and give input on their boots until I retired in 2004.  Thirtytwo has always been focused on not only style but function and technical features.  They spent the time to test out each product thoroughly and listened to the teams input and suggestions.  They were one of the first companies to use moldable liners from Vancouver based company, Intuition, and I really felt this set them apart. You could always get the perfect fit with foldable liners. These days my snowboarding is pretty tame but boots are really one of the most important pieces of your snowboard kit. If you’re fit hurt or are uncomfortable, that can ruin a day!  The past few years I have been Lashed Fast Track, they have a great fit, a nice even flex that offers both support and flexibility, and I have to admit, I am kind of lazy. After two decades of lacing up I like the ease and speed of the fast tracks!