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The Sign in a Love Story...

Aries~ The one who finds their sweetheart in high school. One of them has a fatal disease, so they live their lives to the fullest. They will take risks and travel to foreign countries before the other dies. A genetic change doesn’t stop them from loving each other. In the end, they learned that happy moments are limited, but happiness is infinite.

Taurus~ The one who has a blog in which they complain or talk about topics. They find out that there’s a blogger who does the same thing, so they chat them up. After a while, they decide to hang out in person. With so much in common, they end up falling in love with each other. It may or may not work out, but they know that whether or not fate lets them live alone with someone, they should be grateful for either way.

Gemini~ The one who has a crush on a person in 6th grade. And they don’t have similar classes in the next few years. However, in high school, they end up in the same classes. After reuniting, Gemini and their crush talk about stories from the past. They are both surprised that the other remembered what happened in the past. Their future is up to them to decide, but they both know “as long as they live for themselves and take shit from no one, then who can stop them?”.

Cancer~ The one who finds their love in high school. They love each other until they reach the age of 18. Since they’re going to different places for college, they decided to stop dating. However, one of them dies in an accident, and their ghost protects their lover. In the end, the alive friend discovers that memories linger throughout life. But it should be there to guide you through life and not bring you down or stop you from being ‘you’.

Leo~ The one who is participating in a science experiment with other patients. Leo finds their sweetheart in the science experiment, and tries to comfort them. The patients are isolated from society, and they are used on a “utopian world”. All of the patients have lost their memory of the society they used to live in. Leo recovers their memories of loving their sweetheart. However, their sweetheart cannot remember. Even though Leo did not get their dream lover, they discover “they’re not missing opportunities to be with their soulmate, but being saved for their destiny”.

Virgo~ The one who meets their sweetheart while time-traveling. Virgo’s friend, who was time-traveling with them, tries to stop Virgo from loving their sweetheart; They’re afraid that Virgo might make the future worse. Virgo still goes out on dates with their sweetheart, but then comes to realize that they’re not in their time-line. So Virgo then decides to continue their mission (in changing the time-line) which results in a memory-erase for Virgo’s sweetheart. Once Virgo is back in their ‘time’, they see their sweetheart walking down a path, but they both pass by each other. However, Virgo’s friend is still there for them (Virgo meets other people). Virgo realizes that “there’s a lot of time in the world. But only a little for me, so I should use it to the fullest with the ones I love”.

Libra~ Libra would be at their best friend’s wedding. There’s a giant dance, and everyone joins in. In the dance, you dance with a partner, but then you’re twirled and spun to another. Libra is twirled to the hands of a witty and good-looking person. They dance together until Libra has to be twirled to another person. After that, Libra keeps her eyes on her sweetheart as they try to be spun into each other’s arms again. However, Libra isn’t successful in doing so. After the dance, Libra does outside. Behind them, someone calls for their name. Libra and their sweetheart then have a private dance outside. Libra discovers that “Love comes in the most unconventional ways; whether you’re 16, 30, or 80. Love will find you— it doesn’t have to be between two people— you can find love within yourself”.

Scorpio~ Scorpio is part of the “aggressive-demon-extermination” group in their school. After saving their sweetheart during a mission, their sweetheart decided to join the group. Scorpio doesn’t have feelings for the new group member at first. But they warm up to them after a while. Scorpio protects their sweetheart in missions, and calls out their name whenever they’re in need. Their sweetheart’s name is always called if Scorpio needs someone to trust. In the end, Scorpio learns that “No star can shine brighter than the discovery of yourself, your feelings, and your goals”.

Sagittarius~ The one who would get stranded on an island other people. Everyone doesn’t get along at first, but after fighting a shark together, their bond is stronger. Sagittarius’s sweetheart is the one who plays hard-to-get to everyone, but is very curious to Sag. They get along well as everyone tries to survive together. However, tension between the group grows before a helicopter comes to rescue them. Sagittarius’s sweetheart dies during the conflict. Sagittarius learns that “Love can stay in your grasp for as short or long as it wants. Because we don’t know the end time of our love, we should hang tightly and feel to the fullest so we can have something to look back on”.

Capricorn~ Capricorn would be waiting at a pedestrian stop light. It would be nighttime and pouring, but Capricorn had an umbrella with them. A speeding car was about to pass by Capricorn (and splash a giant puddle), but someone pulled their own umbrella and protected Capricorn’s body. Capricorn would turn around to see their soon-to-be-sweetheart. After their sweetheart’s heroic act, Capricorn chats them up. But after they depart, Capricorn realizes that they forgot to get their sweetheart’s contact number. On another rainy day, their sweetheart is waiting at the end of block until a speeding car is about to pass them. Capricorn quickly protects their sweetheart’s body from the puddle splash. They both realize that “There are times to yell at fate, yet there are times to say ‘thank you’ to destiny. Either way, we can find the silver lining of everything”.

Aquarius~ The one who goes to a summer camp with their friend. Aquarius’s friend is friends with many other people of the summer camp. As a result, Aquarius can hangout with a lot of people. However, Aquarius hangs out with their sweetheart and flirts with them. On the last day of summer camp, Aquarius’s sweetheart sings to them in front of everyone. Aquarius learns that it’s better to focus on the few faces who don’t mind you than the millions of faces who have the ability to judge you.

Pisces~ Pisces was born with a weird ability that transports them to another life with a different lover every time they fall or trip backwards. Once Pisces reveals this to their fifth lover, their sweetheart swears to protect them so they don’t have to lose each other. Pisces is loved dearly and loves their sweetheart back. However, Pisces is growing weak because they’re staying too long in one life. After Pisces’s fifth lover realizes this, they have to decide to either let Pisces go (to keep on living but in another life) or letting Pisces die happily in the life that they had made with the person they love. Pisces then learns that “their destiny is simply theirs. There are many things to be afraid of, but the only thing that shouldn’t be scary are your own decisions. As long as you’re true to your heart and mind, then you’ll please your life”.

I hate when Deadpool fans strip him of what makes him so great they make him into this boring run of the mill cis straight male

Deadpool is at least not straight at all I mean look at his relationship with Spiderman he openly admits to having a crush on him and liking him and the fact Deadpool cross dresses a lot he loves wearing dresses

So yeah…calm your jets and stop erasing what makes deadpool deadpool

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Zayn Malik left one direction to be a normal 22 year old to be out of the spotlight yet he’s been papped now more than ever, there are news stories about him and his love affairs with other women and it also leaked that he’s working on a solo career……shady much


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