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Pretty Little Liars 3X12 Sneak Peek #2

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This is adorable. I love how he just tries to make her understand how different and unimportant was his past relationship with Sofia.

He knows she is bothered by that, but while usually she would just go on pretending that is not true, this time she finally admits to him that she is bothered/unconfortable with this situation.

This is gonna be so good.  

Ziam Marvel AU

Okay. as some of you may know, for MONTHS now, i’m trying to write a fic where Zayn draws for Marvel and Liam’s an actor and he ends up getting cast to play Zayn’s latest character in a movie.

It’s been months that I’ve started it and it’s been way too long since i’ve written a word of it. I’m currently reading it and I have some inspiration to continue it. (Yay) I thought about giving you a little sneak peek of it? And maybe if I have some good comments on it and if you guys really want to read it, it will help and give me a little motivation for it. So anyway, here it is? 

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Blood Tie from The Sin Eater / SLEEPY HOLLOW / Fox Broadcast

New sneek peak #2.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2, Ep. 14 - Clip 1 

also known as Skimmons Clip