a playlist for the actual king and queen of the
apocalypse. for two people that seem to be
oblivious to the fact that their minds are
melded and that their hearts beat as one.                

                                         for two staggeringly amazing characters
                                         that have undoubtedly been handcrafted
                                         for one another. for my favorite dynamic
                                         duo. for the sheriff and the samurai. for rick
                                         and michonne

                                                             ( ii. listen )

The Iliad
  • where: Troy
  • what: a really, really long war
  • why: Paris (Prince of Troy and asshole extraordinaire) showed up to a dinner party at Menalaus’ house and kidnapped his wife Helen 
  • Menelaus is pissed
  • Helen is also pissed because every is blaming her for being a harlot and she’s shut up inside Troy with a bunch of old dudes and judgmental noblewomen 
  • Agamemnon, brother of Menelaus and Major Rich Dude In Charge is being a little shit. He and Achilles took some women as war prizes while they were out looting (as one does) and Aggie took the daughter of a priest of Apollo
  • rookie move tbh
  • he gets at least five chances to give the girl back and make good with Apollo and he’s too busy being Angry and Powerful and Painfully Idiotic
  • so Apollo sends down a plague on the camp. people are keeling over left and right.
  • the seer (there’s always one) tells everyone that the plague is punishment for Agamemnon being lame as hell
  • Agamemnon basically backflips out a nonexistent window and starts foaming at the mouth, and steals Achilles’ home girl
  • he’s Mr. steal your (war prize) girl
  • this is not the best move because it is an insult to Achilles honor.
  • these dudes would rather set themselves on fire and jump into a pool of gasoline than have their honor questioned
  • why is human trafficking is a point of honor? no idea
  •  but honor is bae
  • Achilles runs away, sits on a rock, cries and plays the lyre for approximately the next 20-30 pages
  • everyone dies because Achilles isn’t there. he is the best and nothing gets done without him. it’s every angry fourteen yet-old’s fantasy— “maybe if I run away, THEN you’ll see!!!” 
  • so many people die
  • the gods keep fucking with people and spiriting them away in mist
  • this makes hand to hand combat much more difficult than necessary and may be why the war lasted so incredibly long
  • Paris continues to run around being incompetent 
  • his brother Hector rolls his eyes a lot and slays people
  • Helen is still trapped in Troy and is still the best person in the Epic. Everyone is still being terrible to her. 
  • Agamemnon starts to realize he fucked up and sends some people to apologize to Achilles. 
  • He offers Achilles a bunch of cities, his daughter to marry, a noble position, hella tripods and cauldrons, and a bunch of other weird Greek bullshit 
  • Achilles is just like “nah” and continues staring dramatically into the distance
  • his main bro/bff/lover/boyfriend/soulmate Patroclus is fed up with Achilles’ drama and decides to go fight
  • Achilles lends him his fancy armor to terrify people with and continues sulking on the beach because nothing could possibly go wrong in this scenario
  • plot twist: after slaying a bunch of Trojans, Patroclus is killed by Hector. wow, who saw that one coming? (literally everyone except Achilles)
  • Achilles levels up and gets some new badass armor from the gods to avenge Patroclus 
  • he returns to the battle, kills a bunch of dudes, gets in a sword fight with a river, and then with a little divine help, manages to kill Hector
  • revenge over, right? WRONG
  • then Achilles drags Hector’s body around behind a chariot and sulks a lot more
  • Hector’s dad Priam shows up and makes puppy dog eyes at Achilles. they both weep and beat their breasts a lot and bond over the universality of grief 
  • then they have dinner together and Achilles is like “yeah, I guess you can have your son’s corpse back”
  • and Priam is like “nice”
  • and then everyone in Troy weeps and laments Hector
  • there’s much beating of breasts and wailing
  • then it’s over
  • and you’re like what about the Trojan horse? what about Helen? nothing is resolved
  • well PSYCH
  • none of those things are in the Iliad
  • just weeping
  • war sucks
  • the end

you know the motivation behind crow making that comment wasnt even actual concern that made him want to call this guy out or anything you know all thats behind it is just more Funny Snark for notes same ol same ol

inferior--beauty asked:

my url?

My Opinion on;

Character in general: Severa - actually my taste for Severa has gone down. She’s snarky for sure which I liked at first. Then it grew less and less on me.
How they play them: To be honest it’s been a while since i’ve seen your Severa so can’t realyl say.

The Mun: I think you were one of the mun buns. If not I apologize. 

Do I:

RP with them: I don’t think I have
Want to RP with them: I’d be fine with it

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Keep up the snark.

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty