Smash the patriarchy

Male gamers will say some of the nasty, ugliest, cruelest and dehumanizing things to each other while playing video games.

If you think just because you are a “grrrl gamer” you should be off limits for being trash talked to then you shouldn’t be a gamer.

So THIS is happening. 

I am happy that the world is getting to know the YPJ peshmarga (those who face death) women. When I had a conversation with my dad about it, his feelings were that, basically we should be happy we are getting noticed at all because no one knows who the Kurds are and any publicity is good publicity; and that we are desperate for the world to know about us and about Kobane. So who cares if some rich women in Europe are wearing the YPJ attire. People are dying, don’t you know? we are facing a genocide!

But the feminist in me is still deeply angry. THIS is cultural appropriation in the WORST way. The YPJ girls do not want to be wearing war apparel! They are wearing these clothes because they are in a state of war and facing abuse, rape, sexual slavery, trafficking, genocide and be-headings! 

The YPJ women should be known BECAUSE of their immense courage! their bravery! their great sacrifice! their fierceness and their resolve to stand for their right as women as well as to defend their people, their community and all others who face the wrath of ISIL! 

But this is the nature of deeply oppressed people. We are happy when our culture is appropriated, when our daughters and sisters and mothers are dying and the world is using the clothes that they fight and die and get beheaded in to save THEM, as fashion.

America doesn’t need feminism but the all male supreme court in Iowa passed a law stating that women can be fired for being too attractive.

America doesn’t need feminism but there are multiple states that are trying to shut down their last abortion clinic.

America doesn’t need feminism but men, women and children are getting raped every single day and most of them will never tell a soul.

America doesn’t need feminism but during every election, there is an old, rich, white Christian man trying to rule over women’s bodies.

America doesn’t need feminism but trans women are still brutally beaten to death.

America doesn’t need feminism but when a famous man is raped, it’s hilarious to other men.

America doesn’t need feminism but the gender pay gap has been proven time and time again to be more than a myth.

America doesn’t need feminism but many women and children are terrified of walking alone because they’ve been followed home, had things thrown at them or been asked by random men on the street to perform sexual acts on them.

America doesn’t need feminism because a bunch of antifeminists said so. Because they haven’t felt the oppression directly. Or because they are the oppressors.

Don’t get me wrong, America is not as bad as Saudi Arabia or India or Pakistan…

But just because one country isn’t as bad as some others doesn’t mean it’s perfect. America still has a lot of work to do regarding women’s rights, the way women are treated and the way people perceive rape and harassment.

Saying America isn’t as oppressed as Middle Eastern countries is a stupid thing to say. Oppression is oppression is oppression. Of course, some people’s oppression is worse than other people’s oppression. But it’s still oppression.

We are humans.
We are not circus animals.
We all deserve to be free.