Gryffindors may have the Golden Trio, Slytherin has Snape and Malfoy, and Ravenclaw has Luna. But Hufflepuffs have thatsthat24 and J.K. Rowling. Who’s the real winner here guys?

The Signs as Hogwarts Houses

Gryffindor: Aires, Leo, Sagittarius
Ravenclaw: Aquarius, Gemini,
Hufflepuff: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo
Slytherin: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

I am so on board with

  • ADHD and dyslexic Ravenclaws who struggle in classes but love to go exploring on their own 
  • shy, quiet Gryffindors who seem like complete pushovers until someone hits on that ONE THING they really care about
  • daredevil Hufflepuffs who train really hard to perfect stunts that even the Gryffs hesitate to attempt
  • easygoing Slytherins who use their cunning to get their way AND maintain their integrity

Like why continue with all these stereotypes when you can have super interesting characters no one expects that still fit in with their respective houses?

i need more atypical hogwarts students in fic and headcanons

give me a gryffindor who is brave enough to say fuck you to house stereotypes and has a giant group of green and silver friends

give me a slytherin who is super manipulative and uses their blackmail skills to get bullies to apologise and deliver cookies to frightened first years

give me a ravenclaw who is unbelievably quick on the uptake of the practical aspects of classes but would be happiest if they never had to ever open a book

give me a hufflepuff who is the nicest and most positive person you’ve ever met but rarely leaves their dorm because of social anxiety

give me hogwarts students who don’t fit nicely into house stereotypes because fuck that why is that still a thing

anonymous asked:

Is it a normal trait of an INTJ the fact that I feel like I'm not actually friend with a person I hang out often and get along with, because I feel like I'm using them (with no regrets)? Even if I like them, sometimes I get those waves of hate.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s normal. Some INTJs get really into manipulation (looking at you, Slytherins), but that’s not the standard and I wouldn’t use this ability in a way that harms your friend. I hope that your friend at least gets something out of the relationship. You can certainly have a like-dislike relationship with people.