Cold Blue Mountain: Get a Taste of “Old Blood” Review + Stream

Cold Blue Mountain got their start as an instrumental act before adding vocalist Brandon Squyres. Their second full length, Old Blood, finds the band reluctant to jump right in with the metal as they incorporate a somewhat symphonic intro that leaves you wondering just what is behind the…

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Personal scans of a German Transformers catalog from 1992. It actually lay hidden in an old registration envelope from BotCon 1997 or 1998, which I only re-discovered in the process of packing for a move.

In case you’re wondering about the write-ups for the Motorvators and Overlord, here they are translated from German by fellow fan Nevermore:

With the MOTORVATORS, the TRANSFORMERS gain a new dimension: 2 in one. The large AUTOBOT robots additionally house a smaller TRANSFORMER inside them, which serves as their driver when they turn into one of the sleek racing cars: GRIPPER, LIGHTSPEED and FLAME.

OVERLORD, feared enemy of the AUTOBOTS, is full of secrets.

OVERLORD - the leader of the DECEPTICONS towering above everything - offers you the ultimate TRANSFORMERS experience with an unbelievable amount of possibilities for variation. The giant OVERLORD robot (34 centimeters tall) houses a large track vehicle inside his legs and uses his shoulder as a launching base for a sleek jet that constantly accompanies him. The upper body of OVERLORD is equipped with numerous secret compartments that can be opened by pressing a button and reveal various defense systems. His true size, however, only becomes apparent when DECEPTICON leader OVERLORD turns into a widely sprawling space station. Suddenly, platforms and ramps for small vehicles and the service crew emerge. Mini-robots operate radar screens, launching ramps and the loading crane. These elements can also be changed into a giant jet that can transport OVERLORD to another planet in space.

Part 2 of 4. Part 1 is here.

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Every four years the two-headed monster rises from its pit, and we have a choice between this head or that. Their party line separation is a phantasm haunting reason. It’s a choice between this diseased hand or that diseased hand. We are criminals who defy law. They are criminals who defy freedom. Endless heads of a bureaucratic hydra, and so the smiling wounds we draw across each neck. While they lounge in the decadence of their capitols and dream up new rules of social conduct, we shall sink a knife in every Caesar, we shall aim our rifles and fire at every president, every senator, every statesman. Wake up. There won’t be any change. In the sewer of capitalism, only the scum will rise.