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men do not have standalone face and body textures, with the exception of harkon who has textures by urshi. (to match him with his body get urshi’s fine textures for the body on the nexus.) in my pictures i am using urshi’s fine face textures for men. some eye textures are standalone, some aren’t. they will use the ones you have in your game. 

all women with the exception of vex and elisif use standalone textures. vex and elisif will use what you have installed on your game. everyone’s hair is standalone.

required masters:

  • skyrim.esm
  • update.esm
  • unofficial skyrim patch.esp (i think that changes a few npc’s stats?? anyway, if you REALLY don’t want it, it can easily be removed in the CK but i have no idea why would you opt not to use it in general because it fixes so much)
  • dawnguard.esm
  • dragonborn.esm

i am going to do a vanilla skyrim, dlc-free version sometime for someone who requested it.

credits and more info in the read me. 

bonus cool stuff:

because i am clever!! (?) serana and harkon also have fangs yay!

i have also included a modded outfit by atomec for mjoll because i personally hate iron armor on her. if you don’t like that… well, give her other armor~

if you have any visual bugs, i will endeavour to fix or advise. this will totally clash with any other NPC makeovers that touch the same NPCs. (if they previously change the weight of the npc like seranaholic for example can, then it may cause neck gap issues. all npcs in this are vanilla weight.)

strictly (like so hella strict) do not upload anywhere else. it stays on my tumblr.

i no longer accept anons, but i am very happy to help anyone with problems provided they are at least cordial. 

this mod is to my taste. if you do not like it, that’s cool, move along. if you do like it, thanks! send me (tag me!!!! #mrsalenko) pictures of them in your game! 


Updated CLIMATE OVERHAULS mod for Skyrim:

The mods are currently only downloadable from my website, until I decide to reupload them on skyrim nexus. Some people on the nexus really annoyed me with stupid comments, so I took off the climate overhauls mod. You can download them from my website!












look at this cute as heck mod. it is called ‘cute designs’ and it’s not on the nexus anymore apparently but i found it somehow (dont remember how haha) anyway, it was originally for the ashen race but it’s totally easy to make it work for whatever race. it works as part of the complexion slider, like freckles. 

anyway, it’s cute. you could make like a flower princess. there’s heaps of other sweet designs too.


So I made another armor mash up. Wanted to do something more elvish like. Only need to fix some lil minor clipping but everything is pretty much good to go. I really have a unhealthy obsession with elven related stuff. Go away and leave me be.

IDK, should i hook this up for DL on my blog as a tumblr exclusive? if any is even interested to have it.


✿ KS HAIRDO’S  V.2 ✿ by Shocky and Kalilies

A hairpack for TES Skyrim

This hair pack offers 30 hairstyles for female characters and 2 hairstyles for male characters!

✿ Requirements & Installation

Nothing but the latest Skyrim patch is required! If you are new to Skyrim modding, the Read-Me contains detailed instructions for installation & usage.

✿ Download

  1. Mirror #1: Dropbox
  2. Mirror #2: Mega


✿ Important Notes!

Do not reupload this mod please. Do not claim this mod or any assets of it as your own either.

If you want to use assets from this mod, please contact us first, the Read-Me contains links to Shocky’s and my nexus profile, alternatively, you can contact us on tumblr.

Version 1 of this mod can be found here.

✿ Credits

These hairs are ports from the following Sims modders: Newsea, Skysims, Alesso, Cazy and Kijiko.
Thank you very much for your permission to upload this.

Credits for hair texture resources go to hellosanta, thank you very much for your permission.

The hairs have been ported by Shocky, Kalilies and Stealthic. Kalilies made the plugin and the retextures. Thanks so much guys ♥

We hope that you will like this mod, cheers!


Don’t you wish your Skyrim was sexy like mine?

Well now you too can use the mods I use to make Skyrim super-replayable and gorgeous to look at, with minimal FPS loss!

Under the cut, I have compiled a list of mod links that I use and recommend.

Most of them are merely aesthetic, some add items or features to the game, others are just plain silly.

Most importantly, ALL of these mods should work with Vanilla Skyrim!

Which is great because Skyrim is only $4.99 on Steam right now!  ($13.99 with all mods included!)

So without further ado… Here’s my mods collection!

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