TR-35W Trek Flush Mount Compass (White)

Trek Compass Features: Ideal for Runabouts,
TR-35W Trek Flush Mount Compass (White) Center Consoles, Ski Boats, Flats Boats, and Bass Boats 2 ¼" Direct Reading Dial with Large Numerals for Easy Reading Easily Installed. White with White Dial, Flush Mounted Strong Directive Force Magnets and Composite Dial for Fast Performance Built-in Compensators to Correct for Deviation Extra Large Diaphragm and Rugged Construction Provide Extended Operating Temperature Range Built-in, 12-Volt Green NiteVu Lighting 100% Repairable Exclusive 5-Year Ritchie Warranty


Centurion Carbon Pro Boat 2012 

Progression Boats - UK importers of Centurion Boats

Filmed at Xtreme Gene Wakeboard and Waterski Almodovar del Rio, Cordoba/Spain

B O R N & G R O W
b a r r o u a l l i e
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Yacht Club

Not sure if I mentioned this BUT I’ve been dying to go yachting for quite some time now. I pass by the marina on SoBe and a few other boardwalks across the water on a day to day basis and always see people on jet skis, boats and yachts and thought to myself “I want to go fucking yachting dammit, I need to find myself a man with a boat so I can put on a teeny tiny bikini and read a book, sun bathe and drink champagne.” And Lo and behold I get a message from some guy in NJ who’ll be visiting Miami in May that’ll be renting a yacht and he invited me to join him and his friend(s).


Granted I don’t know all the details of this event and I don’t know him at all but we’ve been talking on SA and also emailing so I’m hoping things pan out because I’d love to go yachting and take some of sugar baby girls with me! 😎😊😀