Soothe Sayer
It’s happening! I’m feeling that initial art punch in the gut again and Anastraya has been calling me with her soothing loon howls lately.

To appease her, as she no doubt has sensed my stress as of late (she’s similar to an emotional healer) I decided to take a swing at this old WIP. Work has been stressful, in a good and exciting way mind you, but stressful nonetheless! There are many stressors, mostly mental, when it comes to my line of work because it revolves around life and death. War. When I become rather snappy, which I have been for quite a while now (as evident in my rather brash posts) it’s just my way of coping with this stress. It’s a bit destructive and toxic to myself and others but I’m trying to keep myself busy in ways that relieve myself of tension. Art is one of those things that I’d temporarily forgotten that has helped me along in more ways than one. :v