Ashton Irwin Short Fic - Yes, Sir Part 6

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Category - Short Fic

Smut or Fluff? - Smutttttttttttttttttttttt

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Pairing(s) [FC = Fictional Character] - Ashton Irwin/Shauna Irwin[FC], Ashton Irwin/Malia Thorne[FC]

Word Count - 2,818

Summary - Malia and her younger brother, Eric, have  had a rough  life  before  meeting the Irwins. For the past three years,  Malia has  been  working as a  maid for the Irwin Family in order to  provide for  her  and her little  brother. Everything’s going well for  her, but  that’s  only because nobody  knows about her secret crush on the  man of  the  house, Ashton Irwin.

Author’s Additional Comments - I’m so sorry this is late. I was expecting to update two days ago but its like the last week of school and my schedule’s all fucked up because I have to study harder for finals :P Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!♥

Fictional Characters:

Malia Thorne

Eric Thorne

Shauna Irwin

Alice Irwin

Daniella Irwin

Kira Matthews

Daniel Beckley

Madison Rivers

Troy Ochoa

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“I’m gonna go check on the kids.” Mr. Irwin said as he pulled out of me, standing up.

I, however, laid there in pain and felt like jello from the waist down. I really couldn’t move. As he was putting his pants back on, he did a once-over on my body and smirked, but then his smirk faltered.

“Why are you bleeding?” He questioned, his eyebrows furrowing in both fear and worry.

I mustered up enough energy to sit up and look down and when I did, I saw that I was, in fact, bleeding from my vagina. It wasn’t flowing out or anything, it just dripped out and spread out on the couch. Well, there’s no going back now. I have to tell him.

“I um…” I started, my nerves building up. “I-I’m a virgin.” I said nervously. “Well…was.” I corrected.

His eyes widened. “Malia! Why didn’t you tell me?!” He freaked. “I would’ve been so much more gentle and I would’ve made you feel comfortable and…oh my god. I was so rough with you. Why didn’t you tell me?” He repeated.

“I-I’m sorry, I…I didn’t think you still would’ve wanted to do it if I told you I was a virgin. And I really, really wanted it.” I replied truthfully. “I’m sorry.” I repeated.

He sat there with a hand in his hair, thinking for a minute. He sighed and shook his head as if he was disappointed in himself. Then, he spoke.

“Malia, I still would’ve wanted it if you told me. I could’ve been way more gentle with you. I—” He stopped his own sentence and his eyes grew as big as saucers. “That’s why you were crying, wasn’t it?”

“I-I-I…” There’s no way I can cover that one up. He saw me. “…Yes.” I sighed.

“Oh god, Malia!” He exclaimed worriedly. “Why didn’t you—fuck! I’m so sorry. I’m so, so, so, so, so, sorry. Fuck…here. Put this on.” He said and tossed me his shirt.

I did as he said and pulled on the shirt. Then, he came and swooped me up, carrying me upstairs to his room. He made sure to be quiet as he went up the stairs, careful not to draw the kids’ attention. When we got in his room, he took me to the en suite and sat me down on the toilet and started running the shower water.

“Gonna get you cleaned up first, and then I want you to relax in a hot bath. Okay?” He said gently, stroking my face softly as he said it. “While that’s warming up, I’ll go downstairs and get our stuff so the children won’t suspect anything.” With that, he left the room and proceeded to go downstairs.

While I sat there, I thought a lot. I thought about everything. I thought about how wrong this could go. I mean, he’s a 31-year-old soon-to-be divorcee with two kids, and I’m a 17-year-old girl who’s taking care of her eight-year-old brother and just started school after missing out for almost four years. This whole situation just screams trouble.

“The water should be hot by now.” Mr. Irwin muttered as he walked in.

He walked over to the shower and put his hand under the water, testing it. When he felt it was hot enough, he pulled the shirt off of me and he was about to lift me up again, but I stopped him.

“I can walk, ya know.” I chuckled.

He raised an eyebrow at me, as if he knew I was wrong. But, he let me anyway. I stood up and almost immediately, my thighs started shaking and I was slightly wobbly. I began walking to the shower and I just knew I was walking funny. Well, I was limping funny. Mr. Irwin’s giggles confirmed it too.

“You’re not going to school tomorrow.” He called out when I stepped into the shower.

He could see me perfectly. The shower walls were just glass. I just shook my head and chuckled.

“Can I have some privacy, please?” I asked.

He put his hands in surrender and walked toward the door.

“Yell when you’re done.” He called out as he walked out the en suite.

I was fine washing myself, but only certain parts. My inner thighs hurt and my vagina hurts. Who knew losing your virginity would hurt that bad? I thought it was just like ripping duct tape from your skin. I thought it would only hurt for a moment and then instantly feel better. But no, I went through hell for the first 10-15 minutes.

When I was done showering, I dried myself off and wrapped the towel around me.

“Mr. Irwin!” I called.

I heard his footsteps trailing to the door, and then it opened. He went straight to the bathtub and ran the water, making sure it was hot before plugging it in. He made sure to put bubbles in it as well.

When the bath was ready, he stood up and looked over at me. Then, he walked over to me and looked me in the eyes intensely, slowly leaning in as well. He gently connected our lips and cupped my cheek with his hand, kissing me slowly but deeply. His other hand rose up and undid my towel, letting it fall off of me. When it was off, he broke the kiss.

“I haven’t had a kiss like that in forever.” He breathed out, staring at my lips.
He gave me one last peck before ushering me into the bath. I thought he was gonna leave again, but instead, he pulled up a stool and sat behind the tub. I furrowed my eyebrows, confused as to what he was doing, and then I felt him place his hands on me, gently massaging me.

“I’m really sorry that had to happen.” He muttered. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Its okay, its not your fault anyway. Its mine. I should’ve told you.” I admitted.

“If there’s something you think is important that you need to tell me before we do anything like that, or anything at all really, you have to tell me okay? I seriously could’ve hurt you. And then how would I explain that to the doctor?”

I sighed. He was right. I could’ve been injured horribly.

“Okay. Thank you, by the way. For all this.” I said, gesturing to the bath.

He chuckled and leaned down to my ear. “A good Sir always comforts his little princess after rough sex.” He whispered, kissing behind my ear.

::::THE NEXT DAY::::

In the morning, I heard Mr. Irwin come in and shake Eric awake. I thought he was gonna do the same to me, but I guess he didn’t because Eric spoke up.

“Mr. Irwin, don’t you have to wake Malia?” He asked in his morning voice.

“No, not today.” Mr. Irwin replied. “She’s a bit hurt from yesterday. I’m letting her stay in today.”

“Oh. What happened?”

It was silent for a moment and I know Mr. Irwin was trying to come up with something.

“She fell and hit her head.” He lied.

Simple, but it was enough to please Eric. I was about to be on my way back to sleep, but I felt a small kiss on my forehead.

“Feel better, sis.” Eric said softly, then crawled out of bed.



About a couple hours later, I fully woke up. I sat up and stretched widely, that being the best sleep I’ve had in years. I slept in a comfortable bed and didn’t have to get up at the ass crack of dawn. I turned to look at the time on the digital clock on the nightstand beside my bed, but I found a note sitting in front of it instead.

By the time you read this, I’ll probably already be at work. Be home soon, princess. Until then, just relax.

-Sir xx

Sir. Is that what he is to me now? I thought I only called him that during sexual times. I guess he likes it so much.

I yawned and set the note back down, looking at the time. It was 10:43AM. I had a few hours before Ashton drops the kids off at home. He actually gets off work at 5PM but since Mrs. Irwin is almost never here, he always leaves work to pick up the kids from school and then drops them off with me.

I got out of the bed and walked out of the room, limping downstairs to fix myself some breakfast. I settled on making a bowl of cereal. When I made it, I took it and went to the living room and switched on the TV. I was peacefully eating my breakfast and watching Spongebob Squarepants when the front door opened, then closed. I furrowed my eyebrows. The kids don’t get out of school until 1:30. What are they already doing home?

“Pookie?” I heard a voice call.

But it wasn’t just any voice. It was Mrs. Irwin.


Just when I was getting used to her not being here, she had to come back. She couldn’t have stayed wherever she was a little bit longer? I finally had Mr. Irwin to myself and now this wicked hag decides to come marching back here like she can actually fix what’s wrong. She makes me sick.

I heard her footsteps trailing to the living room and she appeared in front of me. Then, she spoke again.

“What the hell are you doing, lazing around? Get to work!” She ordered rudely.

I sighed in annoyance. I had had enough of her already and she hasn’t even been in this house for a full two minutes.

“Mr. Irwin said I could relax until he gets back.” I told her.

“Hate to break it to you, sweetie, but I’m also your boss. You do as I say or you’re gonna be out of a job, Michelle.” She replied in a snobby tone, placing her hands on her hips.

“My name is Malia.” I corrected her. “And my other boss, the one who’s always here might I add, told me that I can relax until he gets back with the children.”

She got highly offended at the little insult I threw in there. She huffed angrily and took out her phone, dialing a number rather quickly.

“Honey? Please tell Malia to get to work. She’s just sitting here.” She snitched, obviously irritated and pissy that she isn’t getting her way.

There’s no doubt that that’s Mr. Irwin. I heard him speaking on the other line and she got even angrier.

“She’s a maid, Ashton! Nothing more! She needs to get her lazy ass up and get back to work!” She yelled.

After hearing whatever his response was, she groaned in irritation and handed me the phone. I furrowed my eyebrows and put it to my ear.

“Hello?” I asked confusedly.

“Malia, don’t listen to a word she says. I’m on my way.” He instructed and hung up, just like that.

I handed her back the phone and she put it to her ear, yelling into it again. When she heard no response, she started calling his name, and it took her a while to realize that he hung up. I rolled my eyes and continued eating my cereal.

Not too long later, Mr. Irwin came in and immediately stormed into the living room.

“You listen, and you listen good.” He spoke angrily, pointing a finger at Mrs. Irwin. “You have no right to just march in here after four days of leaving everyone, not to mention this wouldn’t be the first time, and just start ordering her to do things. One thing I’m sick of you doing is dismissing everything I tell her she can do. If I say her salary is raised, then her salary is raised. If I say she can move in, she can move in. If I say she can relax until I get back, she can relax until I get back! You may be her boss, but so am I, and if you have a problem with that, you know where the door is.” He ranted.

By the time he was done, he was huffing of anger. I guess he finally had enough of Mrs. Irwin’s shit. Mrs. Irwin’s jaw was dropped and she looked as if she was disgusted by everything he just said. After a few moments, she closed her mouth and gulped, the scowl never leaving her face. She took a few steps forward to Mr. Irwin and slapped him. Right in the face.

That’s when I got mad. I set the bowl of cereal down and stood up, storming over to her and shoving her hard, so hard to the point where she fell on the floor. She gasped.

“You bitch! How dare you lay your filthy hands on me!” She shouted.

She got up quickly and almost charged at me, but Mr. Irwin stepped in front of me, making her stop.

“Get the hell out of my house.” He spoke darkly.

She scoffed in offense.

“No. This is my house as well.” She shot back.

“Oh? And what do you pay for?” He retorted. That made her go quiet. “Exactly. Get out.” He repeated.

She groaned angrily and stomped out of the living room. Soon, the front door opened and slammed close. Ashton turned to me, his face quickly softening up.

“I’m sorry, princess. I didn’t know she was coming back today.” He apologized.

“Its okay. I know.” I nodded.

He pulled me into a tight but comfortable hug, holding me for a few moments. I enjoyed being in his arms. I felt so safe.

“Let me make you feel better, baby.” He spoke huskily.

His hands traveled down to my ass and cupped my cheeks, squeezing them before giving it a smack.

“I wanna make you feel good before I leave again, princess. Let Sir touch you.” He whispered hotly.

I let out a shaky breath and nodded.

“O-Ok…Sir.” I whispered weakly.

He chuckled darkly and started nibbling on my earlobe, pulling me closer to him, if that was even possible.

“I wanna taste you. Take off your clothes and lay on the couch for me.” He ordered seductively.

I did as I was told and rid myself of my clothes, laying on the couch. He bit his lip and walked over to me, hovering over me as he planted a kiss on my lips. Then, he kissed down my neck, down my collarbone, down the valley of my breasts, down my stomach, until he was face-to-heat with me.

He looked up at me and smirked before sticking his tongue and only flicking the tip of it against my clit. The action was small, but it made me give out a breathy moan.

“You want Sir to use his tongue on you, princess?” He teased.

By now, I was hot and bothered and it was all because of him.

“Y-Yes, Sir…please, Sir.” I begged.

“Well, since I still have to get back to work, I’ll give you a pass, princess.” He smirked.

Just then, he licked a fat stripe up my heat, making me breath in a deep gasp. He immediately went to work on my clit, closing his mouth around it as he flicked it repeatedly with his tongue. My hands went to his curly locks and I tugged on them as I moaned loudly.

He used one of his hands and stuck his index finger inside of me, moving that around to get me used to it before adding another. Instead of moving them in and out, he rubbed them around my walls and I felt as if I was above the clouds. He began to suck on my clit harshly, but not too harshly, and I was damn near screaming.

“S-Sir! S-S-Sir! That f-feels so good! Please d-don’t stop!” I moaned out.

He chuckled against me, sending pleasuring vibrations up my body and I arched my back, my eyes rolling to the back of my head. I felt a knot tightening in my stomach and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I began to buck my hips against his mouth and he pressed a hand down on me to keep me still.

That only tortured me, but in the best way.

I began moaning as loud as my lungs would let me and pulling on his hair, pushing him more onto me as well. He sucked harder and began scissoring his fingers inside of me and I was gone. I came with a loud ‘Sir’ and my legs shook violently as my orgasm racked through me. He let me ride it out against his tongue and when I was done, he sat up with the biggest smirk ever on his face.

“I’ll be back later for more, princess.” He winked.

With that, he left.