Imagine character A accidentally catching character B masturbating. Character B does not notice they have an audience and continues what they’re doing, including saying things like how much they want character A to fuck them. Character A finally pipes up, “You know, that could be arranged, if you’d like… “

Imagine Person A reading a book/watching TV/playing a video game/etc. Person B is bored and decides to tease Person A by tickling/poking them to try and annoy them. At first, Person A puts up with it. Gradually, Person A gets annoyed, until they finally snap and tell Person B to stop. Person B stops for a bit, but then mischievously tickles/pokes Person A one last time. Person A, filled with rage, chases Person B around the house until they crash into each other. They both laugh at their childishness.
(OT3 option: Person C joins in with Person B.)

Imagine your OTP, already a couple, get drunk together at a bar near their place of living. They wake up draped over each other in bed and with headaches, when Person C enters the room with glasses of water. It turns out that while they were sloshed, they had decided to invite another bar patron to have a threesome with them.

Me voy a echar un camarón.

Translation: I’m going to throw a prawn, meaning I’m going to take a nap.

Example: Antonia was exhausted after an all-nighter and shouted at us, “I’m going to throw a prawn!” as she collapsed on the sofa.

Note: We have no idea why anyone would throw prawns or why that would mean naps. Also, there are other sayings that are about throwing bizarre objects that will eventually pop up that are equally confusing :)

I ran 2,5k!

A year ago this was a warmup for me (yeah not really but you get the picture) but today I am very proud to announce that I managed to run 2,5k without stopping - and mostly uphill! \o/ 

And I was such a snappy dresser too: 


Wore a fleece vest over my running clothes because it is SHIT COLD OUTSIDE I KID YOU NOT I ALMOST FROZe to death but anyway


Totally cute! Looks more like pajamas than workout clothes though. Probably because I felt the need to match those pants with that shirt but yeah. I kind of had to, you know? They go so good together, it’s like the LAW that I had to match and wear them as a set. 


s/assmaster! So sassy with that ass! …yeah i dont know either, just scroll away and nevermind me :P