Dead, so dead.


Leave Karrydouche Alone! (by TheFuryTV)

Wait, wait, wait!!!! Did he just call her “Kick, Ball, Change”????? I can’t with him. Where has he been all my life? (No pun intended lmao)


Beyoncé Won The Super Bowl (by TheFuryTV)

Kid Fury and I are definitely on the same page.


Yes Ma'am

I dont care what anyone says the things black gays say by KidFury is the most hilarious thing I have seen in months.

“Oh bitch!”

“Trash, Trash, Look at this Trashy bastard, T-rash”

“Yes Ma'am!”

“Yes GAWD!”

“Queen Bey’s hair is laid like easy breezy beautiful bad bitches.”

I was in TEARS. 

anonymous asked:

your favorite blogs you follow and why?

other than the people that i talk to everyday 

Marfmellow- She seems real cool and loves herself to the fullest 

KegelKween- Funny as all hell and always tryna got damn ball

Afterse7en- He just too damn fine and i like to fuck with him from time to time

Signedfury- kid fury is everything