Hey guys, this is important.
Earlier today, I was chatting on omegle with a guy about Cosplay, anime, sjws, feminism, etc. A little ways through the conversation, he pulled out his Penis and started jacking it. Now, yeah okay I should’ve left at that point. But honestly, genitals aren’t a big deal to me so besides making a few joking comments about it, I kept talking and we continued a basically normal discussion. I told him I was leaving the conversation, to which he responded with threats to find my personal info. I didn’t take it seriously, but soon got a message on my Skype.
He found my Facebook, as well as my families and friends. Basically, this guy is threatening to send out pictures of me “looking at his dick” to all of my friends and family, post it all up on my social media, etc. he’s outright harassing me and refuses to leave me alone.
His “disposable facebook” is Tyrone Nergoson, and his Skype is lewwwwsss.
If anyone can do anything about the situation, track his IP, Tell me what I can do to get rid of him, and report his Facebook and Skype, I’d be really incredibly grateful. I’m a minor, and honestly his threats are too the point where I’m fearing for my safety. He’s threatened to give out my information, call the fire dept. to my house, and other things.
Please, if you can’t help signal boost this. I’m getting scared, and I could use the help.

Hey guys, so a friend of mine, Doug, passed a few days ago in his campus dorm. Apparently he had the flu, and they think his death was the cause of severe dehydration.

He went to UNCW and was a biology major. But even though he’s gone his grieving mother is now stuck having to pay off his student loans.

If you guys can please go to this gofundme and donate a few dollars. Anything will help his mom out.

Today, Venezuelan government made police brutality legal

They are making legal use of lethal weapons for crowd control. They almost did it last year, but is now guaranteed by law. Last year they used tear gas and pepperball launchers (some of those filled with marbles), now, they can use war equipment at own judgement.

I already felt threatened, now it’s just absurd, i fear for my life. This is a real dictatorship.

Hey everybody,

Our cat, PJ, needs surgery. Basically she has a hairball stuck in her throat, and surgery is the only way to get it out at this point.

For the past four or five days, she’s been wheezing (it sounds like chirping) and gagging. At first we thought she just had a cold, but all of the other symptoms she’s showing point to a stuck hairball. We’ve tried everything at this point, and she’s not showing any signs of improvement.

Current estimates of the cost of surgery seem to be around $1000, which is nowhere near anything we can afford right now. (We’re a family of 9, so money’s always tight, even in pet emergencies like this.) Even getting her a checkup from the vet, excluding any medicine/extra fees, costs around $50.

Please, please, donate as much or as little as you can. We all love our cat, especially me, and I want to do everything in my power to keep her alive and happy and loved, but I can’t do this on my own.

If anybody has any information or tips or anything that could help her, please shoot me a message! If we can somehow get this hairball unstuck without hurting her, or putting her through a potentially traumatic surgery, it would be absolutely amazing.

Thank you all so much,


Here’s the link to the GoFundMe that my mom and I set up!

My friends dirkself, milkykittentea, and I all have really bad living situations. We figured out that with what we’re making now we would be able to afford a 2-bedroom apartment in a neighboring city, but we need to have some money saved up for any expenses that arise while moving and to help with basics, like furniture and stocking the fridge. You can help by donating any amount you can, like seriously even a dollar would help.

Here is a link to our gofundme!


taylorswift this is a video of my everyday life featuring your amazing album 1989!!! I spent a lot of time filming and editing this video <3 I hope you like my awesome dance moves at the end! 


I don’t know if this post has been made yet but I just want to warn everybody that if this person stops you in a parking lot and asks you if you’re interested in some perfume and hands you a finger to smell, PLEASE DON’T SMELL IT.

I repeat, DON’T SMELL IT.

Apparently the fingers are being laced with old clam chowder to knock you out. Please signal boost this. It can save someone’s life!

Hi, I am Skylar and I am a genderfluid 18 year old!
I have very little money to put towards transitioning, binders, mens clothes etc. and I have decided to reach out for help! Every penny I raise will go to making ‘male days’ easier for me physically and mentally!
I really appreciate your help, so if you donate, thankyou so very much!☺

I have seen this work for so many other people and I would totally appreciate it if you could donate or even just share this on your tumblr so that I can reach my goal! thankyou so so much♥




He got out of jail because my dad paid for him AND MY PARENTS WON’T BELIEVE ME 

so seriously please block and report raramekouhai i wANT HIM TO GE T THE HECK OUT OF MY SIGHT HOLY SHIT

Please please please spread this like wildfire.

NBC wants to run an ad during the Super Bowl that makes fun of people who eat a gluten free diet. This is not funny. This is degrading and insulting. This needs as much signal boosting as it can get.

As an American who suffers from the very real Celiac Disease, this hurts in so many ways. A gluten free diet is the ONLY treatment for this disease that can cause cancer, pain, depression and even premature death if gone untreated.

People with Celiac disease are already so hampered by where and what we can eat. With the attitude that this ad portrays, which is set to premiere on the Super Bowl, the most watched event on American television, people with Celiac disease can expect to not receive the needed precautions our food requires, solely because we will not be taken seriously.

This ad will cause MAJOR downfalls to our movement, which is simply, we want to enjoy going out to eat with friends and family like normal people. We do not want to have to worry about our health and whether we will be too sick to function the next day or week all because we joined our family in an outing to a restaurant that claimed to take care of us but didn’t.

This terrifies me. I love to eat out. I don’t want to go out with friends who eat food in front of me while I drink water because I’m too afraid to trust the restaurant to take my disease seriously.

Please don’t let this happen. Please don’t make people who have a disease feel like a lesser part of this country. Please don’t let this start bullying in school systems for kids who just want to feel better.

This is a serious issue. Please please signal boost. Please.

Hello everybody! As you may know, I recently launched this blog, and I’d really like to get my foot in the door with the Tarot community! (So if you can, re-blog to help spread the word! Thanks!) 

Here’s some stuff you should know: 

*I am always excepting one-card-pulls in my inbox, free of charge! 

*If you’d like a full spread (3 or more cards), It only costs $6! This includes large spreads, small spreads, etc. Just $6! :) 

*You can either shoot me a private message on here, or shoot me an e-mail: 

*Generally I prefer to do readings over Skype, in person, or on instant messenger, this way we can discuss your cards, their meanings and how you feel they fit into your situation. 

Please never hesitate to ask me any questions! I am friendly and I love helping others bring some insight into their lives! I promise to always do my best in every reading! :) 

Thank you! 


So I just received in the mail a freaking letter from one of the hospitals whom I’ve been paying bills to. In the past I owed over 2 thousand dollars and managed to get some financial aid for that payment and the hospital pretty much told me that “it was all taken care of.”

Haha. no. 

Apparently I still owe a total of $155.67 and if I don’t pay that by TOMORROWthen they will be taking me to collections and pretty much destroy what credit I have left. I already tried calling them but this was pretty much a last resort and I have to at least pay half of that by tomorrow morning. 


I will do $5 for 500 words written commissions

I will write ANYTHING. 

Seriously no holds barred. You want smut? You’ll get 500 words worth of smut (only if you’re 18+ years old). You want fluffy cute stuff? for 5 dollars you bet your ass you’ll get them. 

basically, I need this cash and I need it quick otherwise I’m screwed. 

I accept Paypal and even Chase Quickpays.

I would really appreciate the help!! Thanks everyone!!!


Hey, guys! I’m doing some full-color commissions to help out a friend and I. Please check it out, and signal boost if you can!

"Why should I?"

Well, you see, I am a senior in high school, currently in my last semester, about to go to college out of state. As I’m sure you all know, College is really expensive. I am however, awful at life, meaning I do not have a “real” job of my own, and most scholarships are things I can’t get, or wouldn’t if I tried. SO it would be really really nice to get a bit of savings! I’M ALSO hoping to drag along my friend romanticapathy to college with me, but her parents refuse to pay for any of it if she goes out state. They also won’t allow her to get a job before hand, because they’re dumb. MEANING I’d really like to help her out as well!

TL;DR: You’ll be helping two broke college girls.


  • Bust … … … . $8
  • Pixel Lines … . . $12 (+2/character)
  • Solid Lines … . . $15 (+2/character)
  • Lineless … … . $18 (+2/character) 

Email me at to discuss a commission! Do NOT send me payment before I reply to your email. I won’t start your commission until I get the payment, but if I end up taking an incredibly long and unreasonable amount of time, then you may get on my case a little bit.

If you have any other questions, send me an ask here. Thank you!



Update on Cash: We have received our first donations! We have received 2 donations of $50 made to the vet and have $20 in the cash for cash jar! We still have $680 to go but we have made a dent! He is scheduled to go in for surgery at 830 tomorrow morning so we have just one more day to raise money. We want to thank everyone that has taken the time to share our story and offer words of encouragement, it means so much to us! We can’t stop now though, we have one more day to save my best buddy!


PLEASE HELP WITH ANYTHING IF U CAN!!!! Poor little dog has cancer.

Even if you can’t donate, please reblog all u can!

Thank you loves, I know there’s a lot of generous people out there.

Signal Boost
If anyone knows hanij-zoe in real life, or has any contact info, please help. A suicide note has been posted on tumblr, indicating that they already took steps towards suicide.

If there are any other resources that may help please make use of it, otherwise rebog or send a message with the information.

Looking for Tanks- Moon Guard (Horde)

Alright so, I’m the GM of a guild on Moon Guard called <I N T R O V E R T>. After some irl stuff going down, my Off Tank has quit wow for an undetermined amount of time. This puts me in a hard place because we’re a progressing raid group.

We’re Technically 7/7 Normal (don’t have the achievement because one of our dps had to get on her monk tank that was on a different server therefore we lost our guild group thing) and 1/7 Heroic Highmaul.

Our Raid times are Wednesday/Friday from 7-10pm server (CST), with Saturdays as occasional make-up days if we wanna keep trying.

Our raiders often pug after Friday is they want to try can get farther and there are calendar events for that. We’d like to finish up Normal and get the achievement then move into heroic main focus, but all of our raiders are ~550+

We’re a friendly bunch, supportive, and even if we yell at each other sometimes there’s never hard feelings and mostly we’re determined. We’re slow going since we’re relatively new, but we’re quickly progressing.

I would prefer someone at LEAST 540+, any class as long as you know how to not die. I am Main Tank (blood DK, my OT was a Paladin so I prefer a paladin yet). If you have any questions inbox me please and let’s get chatting!

tl;dr- <I N T R O V E R T> on Moon Guard- Horde needs an Off tank. Prefer paladin, 540ilvl minimum. Raid times are Wed/Fri 7-10pm server (CST). 6/7 Normal, 1/7 Heroic and quickly progressing.